Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Teacher Gifts! Finally....

Tomorrow's the day! I'm going to cry. I just know it. I teared up yesterday when my son said bye to his music teacher. He LOVES music and just adores her. He has known her for 3 years. That's a lot when you are only 4 (okay, so he's almost 5). Still.

Anyway, the teacher gifts from the whole class are DONE! Not wrapped yet but that'll get done.

There are 2 teachers and 16 kids. Each teacher will receive a 5x5 book.

First Page:

The next 16 pages:
Each "double-page" spread features each child with a September picture and a May picture to show how they've changed. Also, included is a handwritten note from each child's parent saying how much we appreciate them teaching/loving/caring for our kids.I wrote a general letter to each teacher just thanking them from all the parents.

At the end is the poem "Forever in your heart" - I LOVE this poem. It's so very appropriate, I think.

The very last page is the gift card from the entire class.

So, I hope they like it! I've blurred out the pictures of the kids and their names because you know how I am about that stuff...


Camille said...

Oh WOW!!! I wish I had you as one of my parents when I had my preschool/day care in NC. How awesome it is to receive a handmade gift with all the kids pixs in there. The teachers will cherish it for years to come. When I look back on the memories and pixs I have of some of the children, it makes me smile and just feel warm inside. OK, enough mushy stuff. The gifts are awesome Geeta.

george.franco said...

Great job on looks like a lot of work but it's so professionaly done.


Anonymous said...

Wow- they turned out great- I love those colors!!!
I'm sure that I will be crying next year- My husband is already saying so!