Friday, April 25, 2008

DEAR blog readers....

My dear, supportive blog readers...

It's time for me to move on.... TO TYPEPAD, that is! Come join me over at my new home....

I hope to see you there. Don't forget to update your subscriptions, readers, etc.

I'll be sharing sneaks over on my new blog starting tomorrow (Saturday!)

Thanks blogspot... it's been fun!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Stamp Salado Elzybells Class this Sunday!

I'll be teaching an Elzybells class (Elzybells North America are distributed by A Muse Artstamps) at Stamp Salado in Salado, Texas this Sunday from 1-3pm. The class is called Girls Just Wanna Have Fun! Doesn't that sound like fun? Here is a sample of one of the cards we will be making:

Call the store at (254) 947-8848, if you are interested!

Hope to see you there!

Paper Tales!

I'm excited to tell you that my fellow A Muse Instructor, Michelle White and her friend Helle Greer, are opening up Paper Tales in San Diego, CA on May 1st!

The store will carry A Muse products and more! Be sure to check them out! I wish I could be there...looks like so much fun!

And I heard that Linda will be there on May 31st for the Grand Opening!

Be sure to check it out, if you can!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

VMAA #2 - ONE WEEK from today!!!

By now, you've probably seen this news on the A Muse blog and/or the A Muse Weekly Newsletter. If you haven't, VMAA #2 (Virtual Meeting of the A Muse Addicts) will have their 2nd online stamping party next Saturday evening from 6-8pm Central.

Michelle, Jennie, Rhonda, and I will be the hostesses for the evening. We'll have challenges every 30 minutes. You won't want to miss it.

SO... go to the Addicts site, register (for free) and come read all about it.

Oh... and sssshhhhh..... I have a secret, too... it will be revealed next Saturday night ;)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Stamp Room Organization - A Muse-ified

If you haven't seen my studio, here are pictures of it from a while back.

Well, I did this back in the beginning of March and I really haven't finished but apparently, this is as good as it will get for a while. I've reorganized my studio to be more A Muse friendly. I had SU! stuff at all of my fingertips and not the A Muse stuff so much. Since I'm doing A Muse stuff more these days, I thought I should make it more accessible!

A Muse Stamps:
3 drawer organizers from Target. Perfect size for the stamps.

A Muse Ribbon:
The little holders on top of my stamp containers. They are from the Container Store and called Stack n Store, I think. I've seen them at Bed, Bath and Beyond, too.

Copic Organization: I "treated" myself and got the wire stand. I didn't think I wanted it but it's one of my favorite things. Sits right in front of my workspace.

Note card and Pretty Little Papers Organization:
3 CD black wire holders from Target. Dividers made by hand :)

Twinkle Storage:
$0.99 basket from the travel section at Target

Colorbox Cat Eye Storage:
In an empty SU! box (ok, 2 of them)

Marvy Punch Storage:
All of my Marvy Punches are in a drawer in my desk (my SU! ones are in another drawer). But I have these standing on end in a sock drawer divider from the Container Store. The Giga punches are a bit big and bend the dividers but it works well enough to not tip the punches over when I get one out.

Non A Muse Ribbon:
A ribbon holder I got off the internet two years ago for $39... holds 1 million spools... ok, not really - has 9 dowels and holds A LOT

I keep all of my scraps of A Muse notes in this basket right by my workspace. I reach in there first to get whatever I'm looking for. The basket seems to work well for this purpose. Most times I don't even have to go to the main stash except for the card layer!

Quick Tools:
Scissors, Quik Sticks, Handheld punches, brushes, etc. are stored within reach in a Pampered Chef's Tool Caddy thing. I love this thing.

As for stickles and glitter and such, those are on my spice racks right in front of my workspace above the Copics.

All of my SU! stuff is on my other table ... and that's the part that's not done from the reorg!

I've been working on some other organizational stuff that I'll post soon. But that's it for now...

Thanks for hanging with me on this really long post!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Another card from the It's A Girl Thing class

I'm teaching my first ever during the week class on Friday morning. It's another session of the "It's a Girl Thing" class that I taught this past Saturday. It will be at Memory Depot on Friday from 10am-12pm. Please call the store if you're interested! (326-8045)

Here is another sample from the class... it's using my new Fiskars Threading Water Punch... OOOHHHH I love that thing!

I'm so used to teaching technique classes (twice a month, every month for the past three years with Stampin' Up!) that I decided to show a couple of different techniques in this class. The ladies loved it on Saturday! Thanks ladies!

We're branching out to use some of the new clear sets from A Muse at this class too. The copies that were reserved for the Saturday classes were snatched up!

Images, Ribbon, and notecards from A Muse Artstamps; colored with Copics, Fiskars Threading Water punch, Adirondack Pitch Black

Monday, April 14, 2008

Little Boys!

This month Becky is spear-heading efforts for the A Muse weekly newsletter's new section called "Masculine Cards". For this week's cards, our assignment was to make cards for little boys! Easy Peasy! I have two of those.... boys, um, not cards! :D

I did a card similar to this one a while back for my nephew, but I really liked it so I thought I'd showcase those stamps again. I love the sentiment: "Happy birthday little dude". My oldest is almost 6... and now, he's a little dude! When did that happen? Anyone invent a "stop the clock" yet? I'll even take the "slow it down" version!

Images, notecards, pretty little papers by A Muse.
Billy the Kid, Balloon Bouquet, Little Dude

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Stamp of the Week!

Every week over on the A Muse Addicts forum, my dear friend Jennie comes up with a brilliant Stamp of the Week Challenge. This week, one of the stamps is the Eiffel Tower. I made a card about a month ago using this stamp. Here's what happened though... I wasn't feeling particularly inspired or crafty... so I made myself create something just to get the ideas flowing. This was the first card of a stack of 5 or 6. The last ones I did I really liked. I'll share those sometime soon. But I wanted to play along with the SOTW (stamp of the week) because I don't always get to! So here it is...

What do you do to get your creative juices flowing? Sometimes I just clean up my studio and that all by itself makes me want to create! But sometimes, I just force myself... like here. And then sometimes, I just watch a movie instead!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Just Mom!

Oh my goodness! Have you seen this week's A Muse newsletter? Such GREAT ideas in there. I'm sure to CASE some of those! Haven't signed up yet? It's easy - sign up is free, then once a week an email comes right to your inbox with the Card of the Week, the NEW Oldies but Goodies section, the ideas for Masculine cards, the featured stamps, classes around town, and even a stamping tip! ALL FOR FREE!!! Go signup today - treat yourself... you'll be glad you did.

Well, I am so excited and honored to have two cards in the newsletter this week. The first is for the Oldies but Goodies section. This month the Oldies but Goodies section is hosted by my friend and fellow instructor, Michelle Clark. She picks out what stamp we are to use and then we go forth and make something! This week she picked SUPER WOMAN! That is certainly a must-have stamp. She's so useful! In fact, we used to at my A Muse class this morning. I'll share that card later next week! But for today, I wanted to show you my card from the newsletter.

I was trying to think of something "unique" to do with her and this popped into my head. As you know, I'm a SAHM of two smallish boys ... and my other SAHM friends and I always talk about how we get so much done in short spurts of time, etc. That alone got me thinking about how moms are SO busy all the time. It's because we do so many jobs and play so many roles... That's where the inspiration came from.... and the A Muse stamps fit in so well for this idea...

All images and notecards by A Muse Artstamps; Copics; Spicas in pink and Melon; Copic Black Multiliner; Foam tape

Just for fun I thought I'd list the images that mom can be:
Dr. Blackwell
Flower Girl
Little Girl
Kissing Couple
Rainy Day Lisa
(and then the "just because" stamp with only the "just" inked up)

I hope you like this card. It was certainly fun to make it!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Good luck, Jennifer!

My friend, Jennifer, is a civil engineer. Today, she is taking the Professional Engineer Exam! It's kinda similar to board exams that Doctors and Lawyers have to do - not really but kinda... When I graduated from college, I studied for a while to take the exam. You get a "license" and become a "professional engineer" (title) afterwards. Well, my degree is in Electrical Engineering and I wrote software for my "job". Software engineers don't really need licenses... in fact, one manager told me back then that I "didn't want" to become a PE. Really? Why not? Well, his point was that once you are licensed, you are held accountable - i.e. can get sued more easily than without it if you mess up. Well, the nature of software is to have mess ups! LOL! So, I opted not to do that and don't regret it for a moment. Jennifer, now she's a civil engineer. Those engineers, typically, do get certified. ANYWAY, I sent Jennifer a card the other day... to wish her the best of luck on a hard exam.

Good luck Jennifer. I'm thinking about you today!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

GREAT NEWS for Bloggers!!

I'm so very excited about this. I just had to share. You know how those typepad people can "schedule" their posts whenever they want. For example, they can write up a whole bunch of posts and set them to "post" at a later date. Well, us blogspot bloggers can't do that.... EXCEPT now we can!!! It's in "draft" mode still... meaning it's still in the test phase. But I tried it out this morning with the Spring Chick card! YAY! It worked.

So, go here... and do it yourself. I might actually be able to post more regularly now!


Here is another card from the Spring Bling class that I taught at Memory Depot a couple of weeks back. It's a pocket card and very easy to do with the A Muse notecards! The notecards are wonderful because all the cutting and scoring is done for you! Love that!

This little chick is, of course, flocked. I seem to be flocking anything around here these days. So much FUN!

Then when you pull on the ribbon, the inside comes out to reveal this:

"You're still a SPRING Chick!"

Love that saying, too. Geez, when did I become the age that that seems appropriate to give to myself or my friends. Hmmm.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


SAVE THE DATE: April 26th 2008 8pm CST

Lots in store for our 2nd Virtual Meeting of the A Muse Addicts! Have no idea what I'm talking about? Well, head on over to the A Muse Addicts forums at registration is free and then you'll be in the know! You won't want to miss out... tons of fun.

And sssh.... we have a secret that will be revealed that night. :D

Happy Birthday, My Friend

My friend, Michelle, had a birthday on Friday. And by now, she should have received this card. I hope. :) We had lunch sans children at California Pizza Kitchen. Yum! It was nice to not have to cut anyone's food!

She likes Pink so pink it is, um, with a splash of purple :D. This little party chick quacks me up (ok, sorry... couldn't resist!). I flocked her with the new Sunshiny Yellow Fun Flock.

Happy Birthday Michelle! I hope this year brings you lots of laughter!

All images, cardstock, pretty little papers by A Muse Artstamps;
Adirondack Pitch Black; Copics Lemon Yellow, Begonia Pink, Apricot, Cool Shadow; Spica Pink Glitter Pen; Quickie Glue Pen; Fun Flock; White Sharpie Poster Paint Pen; A Muse Sheer Ribbon Pink; Fiskars Threading Water Punch; Marvy Giga Scalloped Circle Punch; Marvy Mega Scalloped Circle Punch

Monday, April 7, 2008

A Muse Class this Saturday - It's a Girl Thing

I'll be teaching "It's a Girl Thing" this coming Saturday, April 12th at Memory Depot in Austin. We will be making cards for your girlfriends! Call the store to reserve your spot today.

Here is one of the cards we will be making.

Hope you can break away from your busy schedule and join me.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

A Muse Newsletter?

Are you signed up to get it? No, why not? Oh my goodness, it's CHALK full of ideas and tips and such. Go here and sign up... it's free! And you know what else? The newsletter comes out weekly and Linda posted this on her blog the other day... did you see that? Subscribers get exclusive access to sales!! WOHOO... who doesn't love that? Go... now... sign up.

So this week's newsletter has two new features it in. I am excited to share with you one of the cards I did for the Oldies but Goodies section. My good friend and fellow instructor, Michelle Clark, picked Seattle Girl as a stamp we were to design with. Oh boy was this fun! :D

I wanted to showcase Seattle Girl doing something more than walking in the rain. So, I made her jump in the puddles. "oh what fun!"

It's hard to see in the picture but her umbrella and raincoat have diamond glaze on them to make them shiny! And the new clear twinkle stickers in the tear drop shape are perfect for the splash that I wanted to show.

I hope you get a chance to see this week's newsletter. There are lots of great ideas in there.