Sunday, April 13, 2008

Stamp of the Week!

Every week over on the A Muse Addicts forum, my dear friend Jennie comes up with a brilliant Stamp of the Week Challenge. This week, one of the stamps is the Eiffel Tower. I made a card about a month ago using this stamp. Here's what happened though... I wasn't feeling particularly inspired or crafty... so I made myself create something just to get the ideas flowing. This was the first card of a stack of 5 or 6. The last ones I did I really liked. I'll share those sometime soon. But I wanted to play along with the SOTW (stamp of the week) because I don't always get to! So here it is...

What do you do to get your creative juices flowing? Sometimes I just clean up my studio and that all by itself makes me want to create! But sometimes, I just force myself... like here. And then sometimes, I just watch a movie instead!

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Jennie M said...

I think this is super cute Geeta! I love the colors! When I am in a slump (like right now!) I put some fun stuff that I want to play with in a pile so that I can see it all together and hopefully get inspired. And if that doesn't work I start cleaning up my stamp room and that usually gets the juices flowing! I did both of those things today to get myself stamping! :) Thanks for playing!