Wednesday, April 9, 2008

GREAT NEWS for Bloggers!!

I'm so very excited about this. I just had to share. You know how those typepad people can "schedule" their posts whenever they want. For example, they can write up a whole bunch of posts and set them to "post" at a later date. Well, us blogspot bloggers can't do that.... EXCEPT now we can!!! It's in "draft" mode still... meaning it's still in the test phase. But I tried it out this morning with the Spring Chick card! YAY! It worked.

So, go here... and do it yourself. I might actually be able to post more regularly now!


Cassie said...

So that's why my "drafts" have never posted "later" but instead "immediately". I got the info from a typepad blog. Geesh! Thanks for sharing this tip! I will be very excited about this feature!!

Pamela said...