Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Stamp Room Organization - A Muse-ified

If you haven't seen my studio, here are pictures of it from a while back.

Well, I did this back in the beginning of March and I really haven't finished but apparently, this is as good as it will get for a while. I've reorganized my studio to be more A Muse friendly. I had SU! stuff at all of my fingertips and not the A Muse stuff so much. Since I'm doing A Muse stuff more these days, I thought I should make it more accessible!

A Muse Stamps:
3 drawer organizers from Target. Perfect size for the stamps.

A Muse Ribbon:
The little holders on top of my stamp containers. They are from the Container Store and called Stack n Store, I think. I've seen them at Bed, Bath and Beyond, too.

Copic Organization: I "treated" myself and got the wire stand. I didn't think I wanted it but it's one of my favorite things. Sits right in front of my workspace.

Note card and Pretty Little Papers Organization:
3 CD black wire holders from Target. Dividers made by hand :)

Twinkle Storage:
$0.99 basket from the travel section at Target

Colorbox Cat Eye Storage:
In an empty SU! box (ok, 2 of them)

Marvy Punch Storage:
All of my Marvy Punches are in a drawer in my desk (my SU! ones are in another drawer). But I have these standing on end in a sock drawer divider from the Container Store. The Giga punches are a bit big and bend the dividers but it works well enough to not tip the punches over when I get one out.

Non A Muse Ribbon:
A ribbon holder I got off the internet two years ago for $39... holds 1 million spools... ok, not really - has 9 dowels and holds A LOT

I keep all of my scraps of A Muse notes in this basket right by my workspace. I reach in there first to get whatever I'm looking for. The basket seems to work well for this purpose. Most times I don't even have to go to the main stash except for the card layer!

Quick Tools:
Scissors, Quik Sticks, Handheld punches, brushes, etc. are stored within reach in a Pampered Chef's Tool Caddy thing. I love this thing.

As for stickles and glitter and such, those are on my spice racks right in front of my workspace above the Copics.

All of my SU! stuff is on my other table ... and that's the part that's not done from the reorg!

I've been working on some other organizational stuff that I'll post soon. But that's it for now...

Thanks for hanging with me on this really long post!


Jenn Balcer said...

I am *so proud* of you! Your room looks absolutely GORGEOUS! And oh, look at all that new ribbon. . . I love my ribbon in those - so convenient! HUGS!

Novell said...

Looks so nice and clean. Now get stamping and mess it all up again! LOL. I use the same clear stack-n-store thingies for my A Muse ribbon, too. Got mine at Storables.

Jen said...

this looks awesome! Thanks so much for sharing the pictures!
I wish I had that much space to spread out- I am definitely space challenged! I'm also drooling over the piles of notecards & plp's! ;)

melissa said...

Sigh. :) I love how everything has it's's beautiful...& look at all those Copics...jealous! :) I love your light (3 in a row)-where did you get that?

Sarah said...

The tool caddy (in black) is probably the favorite thing on my desk. And I'm totally inspired to get some pretty little papers now!

Elena said...

Boy, you HAVE been busy! Love it all and totally jealous of a room for stamping - I'm stuck in a closet!

Libby said...

What great storage ideas!! Love the sock divider for your punches, thanks for the tip! It also looks like our craft rooms may be the same shade of purple. :-) Oh and fyi, I blogged about you a couple days ago - scroll down to the Elzybell card if you're curious. :-)

Tracy said...

Hi Geeta!
I am sitting here drooling over these pictures! I am so jealous. I've picked up some really good ideas here. Thank you so much for sharing them. I want to see what it looks like after VMAA this weekend! LOL!