Sunday, April 22, 2007

Alas.... the big reveal.

Wow. Talk about a LONG project.

July 1, 2005 - submitted paperwork to Stampin' Up to be a demonstrator
Late on July 1, 2005 - took pregnancy test.... positive YIPPEE! :)

*fast forward

November 2005 - talk to a cabinet maker and designed the cabinets and desk area in game room

January 2006 - we decided to enclose our game room to be my stamp room; hired great builder guy to enclose the room.

January 2006 - MOVE all the C Rap (that's how we say it in our house; pronounced see-rap) to the baby's room; all of the stuff took up the whole room, I even put stuff in the crib. Did I mention that I was 527 months pregnant at this point?

Late February 2006 - cabinets and desk get installed

Late February 2006 - move the bleepity bleep stuff back gameroom, which will now be officially named the stamp room

Early March 2006 - baby boy# 2 joins us

Did you notice that no one unpacked the boxes?
There were boxes and bags all around the room, on every floor space, next to every wall, on top of every flat surface. Sad. Really.

*fast forward

Late February 2007 - yes 2007! - Realize that NOTHING has moved, unpacked, etc in A YEAR!!! Very sad.

Early March 2007 - Target runs every night for 3 nights to get the cube systems... built them every night after the boys were in bed.

*delay for birthdays, spring break, classes, LIFE

*fast forward

Last Tuesday Night - decided to tackle this a bit more
Last Wednesday Night... you get the idea

Last Night!!!! - done. EXCEPT for the decorating of the walls... pictures and such. That will just take some time.

So, here it is. I absolutely love it.

This wall on the left is what is behind the door as you walk in. The large white cabinet in the corner is my embroidery sewing machine. I can pull it out and open it up when I need to sew (still burned out from my embroidery business a few years ago... that's yet another story).

This (below) is the left wall as your standing in the doorway. My wall color is purple - kind of amethyst/lavendar/lilac-y. I couldn't find all purple stuff everywhere I went, so I decided to add pink to the mix. Very girly for my almost all-boy house!

I used to be such a scrapbooker before I became a cardmaker/stamper. And now, I'm really behind on it. The thing about scrapbooking, I feel, is that it just needs to be ready to work on. The hardest part is dragging it all out. I can never muster up the energy to get started. So, we had this extra table (that keeps bouncing from room to room in our house) and it's a nice table (Container Store - part of the Scandia furniture - we've had it forever!), so it's in there. AND nothing should be on it but an open scrapbook waiting for a page to be done. Any of you moms out there know that you can do anything in 10 minute increments... so why not a page. :) (oh and those frames on that stool are a current project that I'm working on... they weren't supposed to be in the picture.). The bay windows overlook our greenbelt. How pleasant!

And finally, the right wall is where the built-in cabinets are and my STAMP workspace.

And to those of you that have seen it in person before TODAY - I am truly embarrassed that you saw my SEE RAP laying all over the place. Come back. Now I'm proud. :)

I actually feel very creative in there. Well, maybe not creative. Maybe inspired. If only, I can keep the toys from creeping in now!


Camille said...

Looks wonderful! Very organized! I had to show it to Gerry so he could see what I have been talking about. Makes me want to run to Target!

Jenn said...

HOLY SEE-CRAP! WHAT A BEAUTIFUL ROOM! NO wonder you hoard so well! You can store it in STYLE, baby!