Tuesday, April 3, 2007

A tisket, a tasket, ... an Easter Basket?

How about 18 of them?

I realized today around 11am that all the stuff I had for the kids at my son's preschool for Easter would have to go to school tomorrow instead of Thursday. The Easter festivities for his class got bumped up a day earlier due to some scheduling conflicts with some other kids. Anyway, at 11am today... OH MY! So, many thoughts went through my head including the scrap the whole idea one. But persistence prevails yet again. I made one quick template basket to see how hard it was. Then I wheeled and cut for 18. Then tonight I put them all together. Quite easy actually. The hardest part (and this is not a lie!) is getting the bleeping Easter grass in the basket. SHEESH. That's stuff is wild!

My friend, Amy, picked up the cute "Fun Dough" at the $ spot at Target a while back for me. It fits just perfectly!

The Easter baskets are made with Barely Banana cardstock and I used the Bunny Hugs set and the Petals Jumbo Wheel.

Whew. Glad that project is done. NOTHING like the last minute. And there is no reason I couldn't have made these 2 weeks ago!


Jackie said...

Those are so cute! I know what you mean about that Easter grass - it is a huge pain! I did 8 last week for my students in a class at my LSS and I muttered under my breath the whole time I was putting that grass in the baskets.

Anonymous said...

great texas card, geeta, i knew you would get clever. love to read your blog vgm