Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Stamp Salado

I'll be teaching two A Muse classes at Stamp Salado in Salado, Texas in September and October. The registration opened up yesterday. If you are interested, here are more details. Hope to see you there! Sandy at Stamp Salado is awesome and she's funny, too. Check out the article she's written about A Muse and me! It's in the newsletter (click on newsletter).

Monday, August 27, 2007

Brown noser...


Sometimes I get to listen to the morning radio show in the car when I'm by myself. I used to listen to it on the way to work back in the day. Today, I got to listen to it after I dropped my son off. I was pretty teary-eyed but I got most of the tears out last night! Anyway, this radio show is local and has been on for 10 or so years. The DJs for the morning show are my age and seem to have similar life milestones. One of the DJs took his 5 year old daughter to kindergarten this morning. I knew if I listened to them, I'd get to laugh a bit. Sure enough.

The dad/DJ was talking about walking his daughter in and how the teacher was holding a bouquet of flowers that some kid had given her. And then the other DJs proceeded to talk about how that kid is the "trouble-maker" or the teacher's pet, etc. etc. UH OH....

I sent a "gift" with my son for his teacher. Um, how could I not? It was an opportunity to STAMP something. HELLO? So, now I say... uh oh.

When I went down to San Antonio to visit Jenn a month ago, I bought the Stampendous Teacher set for the paint cans. And I already had some acrylic paint cans from Stamp Salado (from my birthday trip)... so Voila! I put a bunch of chocolate nuggets in there and 8 3x3 cards with envelopes. I hope she likes it.

I also had to make a card for her, right? Well, of course, I did. And I really like the new A Muse school stuff. So, here's the card I made. I CASED it from the wonderfully, talented Jennifer Pebbles on the A Muse design studio. I changed it a bit but it's pretty much her design. Thanks Jennifer! It's that little school house cute?

Anyway, I sure hope he's not the "trouble maker"!

Sunday, August 26, 2007


It's here. My oldest starts Kindergarten tomorrow. I can't hardly write this without getting sad.

I know he's going to have a GREAT time. His teacher is awesome. His classroom is awesome. The girl next door will be in his class. They've been buddies since birth! He's so ready.

Anyway, you know how I'm ultra-paranoid about putting details about the boys on the net. Well, I'm the same way about them in real life. I know his stuff needs to be labeled. But I didn't want to put his name on it. I have visions of the bad guy saying "Hey, , you're mom told me to pick you up?" KWIM? Anyway, I've been coaching him and really that's the hardest and best job to do but I don't need to ADVERTISE his name either, right?

So, I made these luggage tags out of those Xyron Luggage Tags (if you see these anywhere, get them!). I snagged mine from a nice lady on Splitcoast a while back. Anyway, here they are on his lunch box. I decided to just go with my last name. That works, right? And well, the super hero dude from A Muse. I used the new Stampin' Up ABC Alphabet (seemed appropriate!) for the name.

Well, I'm off to finish up some tasks and then off to bed. I'm ready. He's ready. It'll all be okay.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Gifts? Where?

Did someone mention gifts? Well, it's that time of year (yes, I know!) to start *thinking* about gifts... teacher gifts, Christmas gifts, Halloween treats, Hey, it's Wed. gifts, etc. Last year I had a class every month starting in August through November that was all about gifts. Little gifts, big gifts, whatever. Just ideas! Most of the ideas come from Splitcoast... that place is AWESOME. Have you looked in the gallery under "Anything but a card?" Anyway, since the classes were so popular, I was requested to do them again this year...and well, I LOVE to make gifts, so here we are. Last night was my first one for this season. We made 3 gifts. All the ladies were very quick at them.


The first is a sampling of magnets. These are the clear ones that you make from Floral marbles. We used the set Tagger's Dozen and a 1" circle punch.

Beaded Pen & Post-it note holder:

You've seen a similar post-it note holder from me. I just love the polka dot thing. And I thought I'd surprise my customers and NOT use purple for a change! Tricky, eh? LOL.
Stamps: Stampin' Up Polka Dot background, Big Deal Alphabet
Ink: Purely Pomegranate Ink, White Craft (white embossing powder)

Tutorial for the beaded pen can be found here.

Lastly, we did nugget boxes. Mainly because I have a baby shower (remember? for my SIL) this weekend that I wanted to make these for. The tutorial for these (and different sizes ones, too) can be found here.

These are cute little boxes that hold 3 Hershey's nuggets. The nuggets are wrapped with stamped Avery Labels. Here's the one we did for the class last night in Soft Sky with the So Swirly wheel.
The stamp from the tag is from a Level 3 hostess set.

For my SIL's shower, I'm making PINK ones... and I used the retired SU! baby rattle wheel. I need to make a few more of these before Saturday!

Anyway, there you have it 3 gift ideas that don't take much time to make but are so appreciated when received!

I hope some of these ideas help you do your gift giving this fall and Holiday season!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Updated A Muse Teaching Schedule!

Mark your calendars!!!

Here's my new schedule of upcoming A Muse classes that I'm teaching in the area:

Sunday, September 16, 1-3 Stamp Salado, Salado, Texas
Saturday, September 22, 1:30-3:30 Memory Depot, Austin, Texas
Saturday, September 22, 4-6 Memory Depot, Austin, Texas

Saturday, October 6, 1-3 Memory Depot, Austin, Texas
Saturday, October 6, 4-6 Memory Depot, Austin, Texas
Sunday, October 21, 1-3 Stamp Salado, Salado, Texas

Memory Depot is taking sign-ups. Here are more details on what I'm doing, how to sign-up, etc.

Stamp Salado will be taking sign-ups on August 27th. More about that when I get the info.

Please tell all of your Austin area friends. I would love to meet you at one of these!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Last week's Technique clubs

Just getting around to posting this...

I had my two hostess clubs both meet last week. This is the first time in 2 years that I taught the same techniques to both clubs and the same cards! The stampers in both groups have different levels of experience so it never worked out before!

I have to admit, I CASED two of the three cards this month. They were just so perfect for the technique, not to mention that I just love them.

First up, the birthday card that Jenn sent me. The technique was to make scallops with the corner rounder.

A little of topic.... when I was growing up, my mom used to paint oil paintings for her hobby. Now, she crochets. And she's amazing at it. All of my life, I have told people she's an artist, I'm a crafter. There is a difference. It's like those people that can play music by ear versus those that learn to read music. There is a difference. Another example and my point here... is there are those people who can EYEBALL their paper and cut it perfectly and then there are those people like me that measure everything. Jenn is in that first category... she's the artist, I'm the crafter. I mean no disrespect to any of you that are in "my" category. Of course not. I just think there is a difference. The artist types have something in them that I don't. Can see things that I don't. It's amazing to me!

So, Jenn doesn't measure anything (so she says!) and it always looks fabulous (as you know). Well, once an engineer... always an engineer and what do you mean NEVER measure anything. Egads! On her b'day card to me, she eyeballed it and precisely cut it. Check out that white layer hanging over the bayou. This seems to stump a lot of the ladies in my class. And I completely understand their frustration. Maybe I should ask Jenn to teach me! Here's her card. I posted it a while back.

On to card two. Card two shows how to use the new SU! Crop-a-dile to set eyelets, punch holes, etc. I also showed the trick on how to do some cool dry embossing with it. I COMPLETELY cased Debbie Olson's fabulous card (Thinking Inking is her blog and DebbieDesigns is her SCS Login). I'm sure you know her. Her style is always so clean. I'm very drawn to her. In fact, because of this card of hers, I HAD to buy the baroque background (it's not my style, remember?). Very clean and elegant. I added an eyelet to hers for the technique. THANKS Debbie for the inspiration and the CASE. :) Here is my rendition. The new SU! taffeta ribbon is GORGEOUS. I don't miss the organdy anymore.

Finally, the last card is my design. Some of my customers wanted to see dry embossing again (but we've done that technique) so I wanted to incorporate something with that. So, this technique is paper piercing (like with the classy brass templates not just the grid template). I like this card but not the colors. I'm not a fan of the Groovy Guava. Nope, that's not me. But it goes with the wasabi and the saffron but I still don't like it! Anyway, there is piercing on the saffron piece and on the butterfly. The dry embossing was done on the SU! light table with the Priceless class brass template. I like that part of the card. And isn't the new SU! scallop punch cute? Look Jenn, I used dimensionals. I seem to be bad at doing that so I'm trying to get better!

SU! Punches and stamp sets that fit them!

I ran across this post yesterday by the fabulous Jen del Muro and I asked her if I could link to her.

PRINT THIS OUT and keep it. It's a good reference!

Thanks Jen!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

June Bumper Card

Yes, I did say June. I'm a bit behind on making my bumper cards for my group. Bumper cards for my customers/friends is going strong. Every month they sign up and then send 1 card to someone on the list I provide them. However, from the start (in January), I decided I would try very hard to send everyone on the list a card each month so that they would get at least one card just in case someone couldn't get theirs out in time. Um, well, with my husband's sabbatical and all the other stuff I've been up to this summer, I didn't follow through very well. BUT I am determined to catch up. Bumper cards started out with 11 people (not including me... I'm not part of the list). And now it's 20 strong. So, I'm making 20 cards each month. And I'm good at the assembly line thing. I seem to be much better at that then designing one card at a time (you know the ones with a lot of detail to them). Anyway, by now, the June group should have received my "JUNE" bumper card in the mail. Here it is. It was my first "real" attempt at sewing on a card. AND I'm stupid... I sewed through both the white layer and the pomegranate. Why is that stupid, you ask? Well, 'cause I had to tie of all the ends ... THAT IS 40 ends, people! Reminded me of the things I hate about sewing and it was a hard lesson to learn. So those 20 cards have been sitting on my desk staring at me for a month just because I didn't want to finisht the tying off part. Anyway, I hope you like it. I had that design in my head for a while now!

Stamps: Stampin' Up! Brocade Motifs
Ink: SU! Purely Pomegranate
CS: SU! Whisper White, Purely Pomegranate
Accessories: Sewing

Monday, August 13, 2007

A Muse Stuff!

Lots of A Muse news going on over here. A few of us have started a thread on SCS about being A Muse addicts and then we started a Yahoo group for us to hang out in (SEE join this group button over on the right side). THEN the A Muse weekly newsletter tells everyone about us and now we are an "official" addiction! We have swaps, challenges, RAK groups and lots of really cool people involved. If you like A Muse, join in. Here's the thread on Splitcoast. And the Yahoo button is on the right.

Now, the point at hand is that Ms. Katie Stilwater is our challenge moderator. We are on challenge #2... and well, we have a side-challenge thingy going on. AND I say "Katie, in your face" dear. :) Read the thread for tonight's entries and you'll see what I'm talking about.

Here's my response to you:

See, NO scrapbooking type paper... IT CAN BE DONE... you scrapper-stamper, you! :)

Techniques get organized!

So, I've been an SU! demo for 2 years this past July. This month, I am celebrating (in my head), 2 years of technique hostess clubs. This is one of the main reasons I became a demonstrator. I just wanted to learn new techniques all the time and I figured if I learned it, I should share it. Well, my hostess clubs are set up a bit differently than some, I suppose. We do 3 cards AND three a-little-bit-bigger-than-ATC-size (ATC=artist trading card) card that have the technique written out on them. So, 2 years, 3 techniques each month (and for maybe 1/2 of that time, I had 2 sometimes 3 clubs going), later, I have a TON of technique cards and their matching cards. Well, I am embarrassed to say that my AR Engineering background failed me on organization of all of this. I think it's because I try to never repeat the same card or technique for anyone. And then people would quit for a while (after their term was over) and then rejoin... Needless to say, I'm getting organized now with Excel.

But, not only did I not have all this in Excel, I didn't have a good display system. I used the 4x6 photo albums for these clubs. I had one per club so I'd know what they had done, etc. And I didn't have the cards with the techniques (that is the whole point, isn't it? to send the cards and keep the "how to"?). Well, as I was preparing to go to the various stores to see if I could get a teaching gig with them, I decided I wanted a better presentation to show that I have taught stuff.

I ended up at Archivers one night (just to get out of the house!) and I bought this 12x12 album that has 4x6 pockets in. Here's my end result.... I'm pretty excited about this - first, having it all in one place (and I found the cards to match) and second, just admiring what we've done in the past two years. Here's a quick look at it. Each 12x12 side holds 3 technique cards and the 3 matching cards.

Anyway... another step to getting organized. I think.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Soft cuddly PINK jammies

My SIL's baby shower cards got done in a hurry! Why does that always happen? Plenty of time (I knew about the shower... I'm the one hosting the shower - so why am I rushing at the end?), right? Uh, no... I changed the original design (that you never saw) and kinda used the one I showed you earlier but I changed it around a bit. She's having a girl and we have nieces in the family already but they are older (teenager and adult!) and they live FAR, FAR AWAY (it's called FAR, FAR AWAY because it's FAR, FAR AWAY... I love that line from Shrek 2!). Anyway, then there are 4 boys age 6 and under here in the area. So, it's GIRL TIME!!!! She's due in September and we can't wait (all of us...). It means that we can have .... wait for it... PURPLE STUFF!!!! YEAH!!! And then I made the invites Pink. Go figure. Well, she likes pink. (I'm going to get all purple stuff for her presents though... sssshhhh don't tell her!).

So, anyway, here is her card. It's a pocket card. All the info about the shower is on the inside. The little jammies from A Muse is one of my favorites. And I decided to make it pink and FLOCK it with pixie pink (hey, that's an SU! name but not SU! flock - we don't carry flock!) FLOCK from Stampendous.

Now, I took some rather hard-to-get-right shots of the flock. I thought a slice of it would be easy to get... ha! But I finally got something and you can see what a difference the flock makes.And here it is again, where the left half has flock on it and the right side doesn't (just colored with markers).
The marker color is SU! Pretty in Pink. It looks a little funny here. Anyway, some of you asked me about flock. So here you go. I applied it with the 2-way glue and then added some flock to it. Then I pressed it to make sure it stuck!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Organizational tip #2

For the longest time, I have been debating on what to put right in front of my workspace on the wall. I, like you I'm sure, want everything at my fingertips. Well, I can't have EVERYTHING there so what are the things I need most?

I went to the Container Store a couple of times since visiting Jenn. Jenn had these fabulous ribbon holder things from there that I had to have. More on that later. But while at CS, I searched high and low (literally) for some kind of system, shelving, bins, something for this small but very useful space. I was thinking about putting my Marvy punches up there but they would take up so much space. My SU! punches are in a drawer right next to my workspace and I use them all the time. I won't move them. My Marvy ones are in a drawer but not a convenient one. I don't use them all the time though.

Well, after 2 or 3 trips, I ended up with this. It's 3 separate spice racks. I love them so far. It adds color and holds a lot of little stuff I want right there. All of my stickles, EP, glitters, flock, Crystal Effects, etc. are in there right now. Adds color and LOTS of little stuff at my fingertips! The shelves are acrylic so you can see right through them and the stuff kinda looks like it's floating.

My outlet is actually under/behind my workspace and in the beginning would bend down and crawl under the space to plug in my heat gun. And then do the reverse to unplug it. I never keep it plugged in with munchkins running about! Anyway, the light bulb FINALLY went on one day... I tell you sometimes I'm so amazed it takes SO long to think of things... and I mounted a strip right there in front of me. DUH!

The clear acrylic tray (also from the CS) is a silverware holder and I use it for trash. That would be one of the most useful things on my desk!

Another I found that I can do with those spice racks is hold the card for a display while I'm working on the rest. I typically do 3 cards for my hostess clubs so when I finish one, I can hold it up there and work on the others. Here's what I mean...

Sorry, I haven't posted in a while. I have been working on stuff, I promise. I have the 3 cards from the technique clubs this week that I'll post soon. I had 2 clubs and they for the first time did the same techniques so I didn't want to spoil the "surprise" for the 2nd group. Now, those are done and I can post them. Also, there is a quick picture of the baby shower invitation, I ended up going with for my SIL's shower. I'll show more about that soon, too.

Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Blog Candy Winner!!!

And the winner is: Reality Show Reject (aka Kim)!

Congratulations! Kim, email me your address and I'll send you the candy!

Thanks everyone for playing and get out there and do some more bumper cards!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

YOWZA!!!! 15,000 hits....

Thank you ever so much for joining me in my creative endeavors. I truly have enjoyed all this blogging! Now, it's time... Want some blog candy?

SU! New Unmounted Big Blossom SAB set
8 4x4 square coasters
ribbon assortment
a couple of gel pens
some other random, little stuff...

Leave a comment here answering these questions:
1) Did you participate in the Bumper Card Society Tag (if no, read this and then go do it now, I'm tagging you...)
2) If yes to first question, what country are you from?

That's it! Happy Tuesday.

Oh, deadline Tuesday, August 7th, 2007 midnight. Winner will be picked using random.org.


ETA: NO BLOG necessary to participate in the Bumper Card Society - just do it! And if you haven't, of course, you may still comment on the candy!!!

Monday, August 6, 2007

MORE, yes MORE Exciting NEWS!!!

I had an "interview" with Stamp Salado (about an hour north of me) in Salado, TX today to teach some A Muse classes!! I'm scheduled to teach 2 classes there! WOHOO!!!!

I hope to see some of you Central Texas A Muse addicts, er, I mean fans at any of these classes:

Sunday, September 16, 1-3 Stamp Salado, Salado, Texas
Saturday, September 22, 1:30-3:30 Memory Depot, Austin, Texas
Saturday, September 22, 4-6 Memory Depot, Austin, Texas

Saturday, October 6, 1-3 Memory Depot, Austin, Texas
Saturday, October 6, 4-6 Memory Depot, Austin, Texas
Sunday, October 21, 1-3 Stamp Salado, Salado, Texas

Can you believe this? I'm still in shock....

p.s anyone know how to make more time in a day? :)

Sunday, August 5, 2007


Google "bumper card society" and "bumper card tag".

Reference: Spreading a little joy

A deep, heartfelt thanks to all of you that have played or are playing. Wow!

A Muse samples

I've been working on some A Muse cards lately since I got some new ones in. I still pulled out some old favorites though! Oh, and I borrowed the Santa one from Veronica! Thanks Veronica!

First card:
This was a challenge for the AP contest but I didn't get to play because we were internetless in Mexico that week. The challenge was a pocket card. It was so cute, I thought I'd try my hand at it.
I'm in the middle of working on baby shower invites for my SIL (she's having a girl! We have 3 boys between us and no girls! There are 2 older girl cousins but they don't live around here!). Anyway, my pocket card is a baby shower invite. The first picture is it "closed" and the second is with the pull-out. All stamps by A Muse. CS by SU! Ink is SU!'s pretty in pink and the SU! Markers, and Palette Noir black. May Arts ribbon, Making Memories pink button brad. Dimensionals. Glaze Pen. Stardust Glitter Pen.

Second card:
This dear old cow. She's just so happy, isn't she? All stamps by A Muse; SU! Ink - Garden Green; Palette Noir ink; May Arts Ribbon

Third card:
Another baby card. Well, I just love these jammies. The jammies are stamped in Palette Noir ink, colored in with the SU! Bashful Blue marker, and then Flocked with white flocking to make it soft and cozy! Don't I wish they had jammies like this for adults! LOL. Stamps: all A Muse; Ink: Palette Noir, SU! Bashful Blue; May Arts ribbon; White Flock (retired SU!); Marvy Giga Scalloped Rectangle Punch, Marvy Mega Rectangle Punch, SU! Corner Rounder; SU! 2 way glue pen;

Fourth card:
Which would you choose: Stamp shop or Desserts? Hmm, Stamping doesn't have any calories! Stamps: All A Muse (isn't that the theme here?!!); Inks: Palette Noir; SU! Gable Green; and SU! Markers; SU! eyelets; Sakura glaze pen; Ribbon from Michael's; Marvy Giga Rectangle Punch.

Fifth card:
The last card is the Christmas one. It was inspired by an SU! card I did last year (and CASED from someone on SCS - thank you! - can't remember who :( ). But this one is all A Muse and is just cute (IMHO!). Stamps: All A Muse; Ink: All SU! craft; markers; EP: all SU! white and clear; Liquid Applique; SU! Hodgepodge Hardware; SU! Black Grosgrain.

Please comment! I really need feedback on these cards. Thanks so much! I really appreciate it!

Friday, August 3, 2007


By show of hands (hee hee), how many of you got sick of hearing me whine about no stores in Austin carrying A MUSE stamps?

Well, fellow stampers... the times are a changin' ....

NOT ONLY IS Memory Depot in Austin going to carry A Muse stamps, you're looking (hee hee again) at their newest instructor!

Yep... I'll be teaching 4 classes to start with. We'll see how it goes from there. I'm SO EXCITED... I can't even talk, type, or stamp.... (ironic, eh?).

Please share in my join and wish me luck... I'm strangely nervous about this new endeavor. It's much, much different than SU! and having classes with my stuff in my house.

To all of my SU! customers and friends... NO, I'm not abandoning SU! at all... just wanted to pursue the A Muse thing, too.

If you're in the Austin area, please come take my classes (I hope people sign up for them... ACK!)... I'll post more when the schedule is actually published!


Okay, one of my downlines is SNEAKY!!!! SNEAKY, I tell you....

She started her own blog AND didn't tell me.... but she left me a clue!

PLEASE VISIT her blog and leave her a comment. PLEASE!

Good job Lori! Awesome work. Can't wait to read more!

Organizational tip #1 for ribbon...

I, apparently, will never get done with this "reorg" so I thought I'd share some of the little tips I'm doing to organize my desktop (organizing the whole room back in March took less time than just my desktop!).

So this tip is not my idea... stole, er, I mean borrowed it from Jenn. First, I am a ribbon snob. I like all my ribbon to be on spools. But those really pretty SU! ribbon samplers that come on the cardboard are so pretty that I had to have them, too. Problem is they sit in a drawer and never get used because honestly, I forget they are there. So, Jenn has these glass jars from Target that she keeps on her shelf. She has a jar for different color families. I really like the idea because it adds color to the room. But I don't have that much cut ribbon (see aforementioned "ribbon snob") nor do I have that much space. So, I was at Hobby Lobby this week and I got these glass jars... regularly priced at $2.33 but I got them 50% off (which was the sale last week but neither I nor the cashier knew that so she gave me the sale price! I found this out when I went back yesterday to get one more jar - at full price of $2.33!). They are a little over 5" tall and they did have taller ones but I don't have the space.

Here's what it looks like by itself. It is a glass jar with a silver/chrome screw on lid. Very simple.

Maybe you can get them on sale ;)

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Sold some SU! Retired stuff...

and got MORE SU! stuff... I'm trying something new this catalog (okay, new to me). I'm trying to only get stuff from the new catalog from my birthday money/family/friends, or from selling my retired stuff (can't get new until you make more SPACE), or from my SU! business (this one is the hard part - I'm hardly ever the hostess). Anyway, I did have a workshop last week AND with all the retired sets I've been selling (thank you everyone), I got to place another order for more new stuff. You know what I "had" to order (it's my #1 embellishment for classes so I "had" to get it)? ALL of the new ribbon... I somehow slept during the retirement accessories list (actually we were in the middle of sabbatical so who thinks about anything then?)... I didn't realize that so many of my ribbons were retiring. I think 2/3 of my order was just ribbon. Then I got a couple of other things... Here's my new loot:

See ALL of that ribbon? It's so pretty... And the pretties kit. I'll have to say I had to get Garden Whimsy because of Jenn... and well, the Baroque background (still, not my style) because of Debbie Olson. These "big wig" stampers are costing me a lot! Sheesh!

Oh... and the room reorg. continues...

Cashed in my A Muse Winnings

uh, and then some....

Here's what I got... not many "new release stuff", but just stuff I *NEEDED* to go with some of the other stamps I already own...

I've been wanting some of these for a LONG time... so here there are. I hope to stamp with them soon!


Wednesday, August 1, 2007


I've been buried under all this reorganizing going on in my studio. Sheesh. It goes ever so slowly with 2 small kids around. Here's the scenario...

1. Adult (me!) removes something from desktop momentarily and sets it on the floor.
2. Kid #1 swoops in and takes said item off to investigate (i.e. claim as his own, play with, take a part, whatever)
3. Adult says "KID#1, did you take "*said item*"
4. "Yes, mama"
5. "Bring it back here, pleazzzzzzzzzze"
6. Put item back on desk
7. Put another item on floor momentarily.
8. Kid #2 takes it and RUNS (okay, a 1 year-old running is really like a very clumsy-looking fast walk!) out of the room LAUGHING hysterically at the thought of getting away with something or being caught.
9. Kid #2 doesn't respond to #5 above...
10. Have to get to kid #2 before he a) hurts himself b) hurts the house or most likely c) LOSES said item somewhere only he knows....

And then you guys wonder where I've been for this past week? Or maybe you aren't wondering at all? Yes, I "could" (and probably should) do it when they're sleeping... but what fun would that be? :D

Speaking of which... I started this blog for my customers and isn't it IRONIC that the people that comment are all of my WONDERFUL cyber friends and not my customers? I really don't get that... Again, maybe my customers don't read my blog. Hmmm. That's something to ponder. NOT complaining... I just think it's really strange that my real life friends/customers aren't the ones I talk to/email/exchange comments with. Does that happen to you, my fellow bloggers?

Okay, back to reorganizing. Why did I start this project again?
Right... to, um, get *more* organized (anything more than what I had is an accomplishment, isn't it?)

Jenn's b'day card to me.

Yes, my birthday was 2 weeks ago. :) But I've had some requests to send a picture of this card Jenn sent me for my birthday. It is so pretty (and clever, and pretty ;)) that I thought I'd share it with you.

The bottom is scalloped with the old SU! corner rounder and a hole punch. Clever, eh? The set is Garden Whimsy and the wheel is Whimsy. It has crystals on it and no Jenn card would be complete without GLITTER. Yes, it's there too.

Funny, I really need to step up my cards. Here she has 4 extra things going on: scalloped edge, crystals, sponging, glitter (not to mention cutting it out). I am such a lazy stamper... I do one thing extra, I think.

Thanks Jenn for the inspiration. I think this is the ONLY card I've ever rec'd from you without any ribbon. What's up with that? Oh, I know... you're probably out of ribbon... ;P