Sunday, August 12, 2007

Soft cuddly PINK jammies

My SIL's baby shower cards got done in a hurry! Why does that always happen? Plenty of time (I knew about the shower... I'm the one hosting the shower - so why am I rushing at the end?), right? Uh, no... I changed the original design (that you never saw) and kinda used the one I showed you earlier but I changed it around a bit. She's having a girl and we have nieces in the family already but they are older (teenager and adult!) and they live FAR, FAR AWAY (it's called FAR, FAR AWAY because it's FAR, FAR AWAY... I love that line from Shrek 2!). Anyway, then there are 4 boys age 6 and under here in the area. So, it's GIRL TIME!!!! She's due in September and we can't wait (all of us...). It means that we can have .... wait for it... PURPLE STUFF!!!! YEAH!!! And then I made the invites Pink. Go figure. Well, she likes pink. (I'm going to get all purple stuff for her presents though... sssshhhh don't tell her!).

So, anyway, here is her card. It's a pocket card. All the info about the shower is on the inside. The little jammies from A Muse is one of my favorites. And I decided to make it pink and FLOCK it with pixie pink (hey, that's an SU! name but not SU! flock - we don't carry flock!) FLOCK from Stampendous.

Now, I took some rather hard-to-get-right shots of the flock. I thought a slice of it would be easy to get... ha! But I finally got something and you can see what a difference the flock makes.And here it is again, where the left half has flock on it and the right side doesn't (just colored with markers).
The marker color is SU! Pretty in Pink. It looks a little funny here. Anyway, some of you asked me about flock. So here you go. I applied it with the 2-way glue and then added some flock to it. Then I pressed it to make sure it stuck!

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Rose said...

What a beautiful pull out card, I've been wanting to try this style.