Saturday, August 11, 2007

Organizational tip #2

For the longest time, I have been debating on what to put right in front of my workspace on the wall. I, like you I'm sure, want everything at my fingertips. Well, I can't have EVERYTHING there so what are the things I need most?

I went to the Container Store a couple of times since visiting Jenn. Jenn had these fabulous ribbon holder things from there that I had to have. More on that later. But while at CS, I searched high and low (literally) for some kind of system, shelving, bins, something for this small but very useful space. I was thinking about putting my Marvy punches up there but they would take up so much space. My SU! punches are in a drawer right next to my workspace and I use them all the time. I won't move them. My Marvy ones are in a drawer but not a convenient one. I don't use them all the time though.

Well, after 2 or 3 trips, I ended up with this. It's 3 separate spice racks. I love them so far. It adds color and holds a lot of little stuff I want right there. All of my stickles, EP, glitters, flock, Crystal Effects, etc. are in there right now. Adds color and LOTS of little stuff at my fingertips! The shelves are acrylic so you can see right through them and the stuff kinda looks like it's floating.

My outlet is actually under/behind my workspace and in the beginning would bend down and crawl under the space to plug in my heat gun. And then do the reverse to unplug it. I never keep it plugged in with munchkins running about! Anyway, the light bulb FINALLY went on one day... I tell you sometimes I'm so amazed it takes SO long to think of things... and I mounted a strip right there in front of me. DUH!

The clear acrylic tray (also from the CS) is a silverware holder and I use it for trash. That would be one of the most useful things on my desk!

Another I found that I can do with those spice racks is hold the card for a display while I'm working on the rest. I typically do 3 cards for my hostess clubs so when I finish one, I can hold it up there and work on the others. Here's what I mean...

Sorry, I haven't posted in a while. I have been working on stuff, I promise. I have the 3 cards from the technique clubs this week that I'll post soon. I had 2 clubs and they for the first time did the same techniques so I didn't want to spoil the "surprise" for the 2nd group. Now, those are done and I can post them. Also, there is a quick picture of the baby shower invitation, I ended up going with for my SIL's shower. I'll show more about that soon, too.

Happy Weekend!

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