Monday, August 13, 2007

Techniques get organized!

So, I've been an SU! demo for 2 years this past July. This month, I am celebrating (in my head), 2 years of technique hostess clubs. This is one of the main reasons I became a demonstrator. I just wanted to learn new techniques all the time and I figured if I learned it, I should share it. Well, my hostess clubs are set up a bit differently than some, I suppose. We do 3 cards AND three a-little-bit-bigger-than-ATC-size (ATC=artist trading card) card that have the technique written out on them. So, 2 years, 3 techniques each month (and for maybe 1/2 of that time, I had 2 sometimes 3 clubs going), later, I have a TON of technique cards and their matching cards. Well, I am embarrassed to say that my AR Engineering background failed me on organization of all of this. I think it's because I try to never repeat the same card or technique for anyone. And then people would quit for a while (after their term was over) and then rejoin... Needless to say, I'm getting organized now with Excel.

But, not only did I not have all this in Excel, I didn't have a good display system. I used the 4x6 photo albums for these clubs. I had one per club so I'd know what they had done, etc. And I didn't have the cards with the techniques (that is the whole point, isn't it? to send the cards and keep the "how to"?). Well, as I was preparing to go to the various stores to see if I could get a teaching gig with them, I decided I wanted a better presentation to show that I have taught stuff.

I ended up at Archivers one night (just to get out of the house!) and I bought this 12x12 album that has 4x6 pockets in. Here's my end result.... I'm pretty excited about this - first, having it all in one place (and I found the cards to match) and second, just admiring what we've done in the past two years. Here's a quick look at it. Each 12x12 side holds 3 technique cards and the 3 matching cards.

Anyway... another step to getting organized. I think.

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