Thursday, August 16, 2007

Last week's Technique clubs

Just getting around to posting this...

I had my two hostess clubs both meet last week. This is the first time in 2 years that I taught the same techniques to both clubs and the same cards! The stampers in both groups have different levels of experience so it never worked out before!

I have to admit, I CASED two of the three cards this month. They were just so perfect for the technique, not to mention that I just love them.

First up, the birthday card that Jenn sent me. The technique was to make scallops with the corner rounder.

A little of topic.... when I was growing up, my mom used to paint oil paintings for her hobby. Now, she crochets. And she's amazing at it. All of my life, I have told people she's an artist, I'm a crafter. There is a difference. It's like those people that can play music by ear versus those that learn to read music. There is a difference. Another example and my point here... is there are those people who can EYEBALL their paper and cut it perfectly and then there are those people like me that measure everything. Jenn is in that first category... she's the artist, I'm the crafter. I mean no disrespect to any of you that are in "my" category. Of course not. I just think there is a difference. The artist types have something in them that I don't. Can see things that I don't. It's amazing to me!

So, Jenn doesn't measure anything (so she says!) and it always looks fabulous (as you know). Well, once an engineer... always an engineer and what do you mean NEVER measure anything. Egads! On her b'day card to me, she eyeballed it and precisely cut it. Check out that white layer hanging over the bayou. This seems to stump a lot of the ladies in my class. And I completely understand their frustration. Maybe I should ask Jenn to teach me! Here's her card. I posted it a while back.

On to card two. Card two shows how to use the new SU! Crop-a-dile to set eyelets, punch holes, etc. I also showed the trick on how to do some cool dry embossing with it. I COMPLETELY cased Debbie Olson's fabulous card (Thinking Inking is her blog and DebbieDesigns is her SCS Login). I'm sure you know her. Her style is always so clean. I'm very drawn to her. In fact, because of this card of hers, I HAD to buy the baroque background (it's not my style, remember?). Very clean and elegant. I added an eyelet to hers for the technique. THANKS Debbie for the inspiration and the CASE. :) Here is my rendition. The new SU! taffeta ribbon is GORGEOUS. I don't miss the organdy anymore.

Finally, the last card is my design. Some of my customers wanted to see dry embossing again (but we've done that technique) so I wanted to incorporate something with that. So, this technique is paper piercing (like with the classy brass templates not just the grid template). I like this card but not the colors. I'm not a fan of the Groovy Guava. Nope, that's not me. But it goes with the wasabi and the saffron but I still don't like it! Anyway, there is piercing on the saffron piece and on the butterfly. The dry embossing was done on the SU! light table with the Priceless class brass template. I like that part of the card. And isn't the new SU! scallop punch cute? Look Jenn, I used dimensionals. I seem to be bad at doing that so I'm trying to get better!


Jenn said...

I think these cards are WONDERFUL! And I do measure if I'm doing a class or mass producing. . .just not for the first one or one-of-a-kinds! Just slap it on there, and if it's too big, just cut another. It's only paper!

Jennifer Moore said...

crotches? I think you mean crochets?

veronica said...

fun times great cards

Rachel said...

Great cards, but I love your analogy. I'm a crafter too! I measure everything. You're an engineer, I'm an accountant.....what more would one need to know??? LOL