Thursday, April 5, 2007


And no I don't mean the "of Seagulls" kind. Aside: My husband is very musically inclined. My oldest son is too. He practically came out moving to music. Anyway, I am not musically inclined, whatsoever. So, when I get a song in my head, I only get like 3 words of the song and maybe a "la la la" or something. And now, after SO many years of knowing me, my very talented husband can tell me what song it is that's in my head from the 3 words and la la la. I have never been one to remember names of bands, let alone song titles. Sad. Really. One day, I had this song in my head and again only the first 5 words. I'm driving the 4 year-old to school and tell him about it. He SINGS the first part of the song. WHAT? How does he know that? It wasn't even a kid song. PFFT. Yea, so you should be impressed that I "even" know that there is a band name Flock of Seagulls.

What I do mean is that SU! used to sell this stuff called flock. It came in Whisper White and some brown color. I think this was at least 3 years ago, way before I became a demonstrator. So, of course I HAD to have some (I'm a proud graduate of the Jenn Balcer school of hoarders!). I have the white. And until this week, it had never been opened. I remember buying it and wanting to try it on bunnies or something like that. Well, here it is DAYS before Easter. I LOVE the stuff. I wish we sold it. I even googled for it and it comes in all sorts of colors. But really, I need to use what I have first. So, what is it? It's like shavings of fabric or something. It's fuzzy. It makes the bunny fuzzy. Think of those cards you've bought at the store that have some texture to the image (maybe a flower or bunny or teddy bear, etc.). All you have to do is use glue (2 way glue or heat and stick) and sprinkle it on, then smoosh it for good measure.

I had to try it out and I liked it so much that I made 20 Easter cards. Why only make one?
I also used my new Reverse Dots (for my very strange polka dot addiction that's going on right now) Background from Cornish Heritage Farms. I really need to get them out in the mail today if I hope to get them there before Sunday!

I did 5 different colors - all soft subtles:

Pretty In Pink,

Barely Banana,

Bashful Blue,

Almost Amethyst,

and Certainly Celery.

I used the Bunny Hugs set from the Spring Mini.

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Jenn said...

Oh my gosh, you have been BUSY! I feel like such a slacker, but hey, did I mention that my floors are clean? LOL!