Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Mom's birthday

My mom's birthday is tomorrow. I've always considered her to be an artist. She used to oil paint a lot and I have some of her paintings in my house. Landscape, mainly. She also crochets. She has been crocheting as long as I can remember. She used to make baby outfits, you know, cute little hats, sweaters and even the little booties. Now, she crochets blankets. And she does them really fast. She has been a member of the Linus Connection for several years. She crotches the blankets and donates them to Linus. They provide blankets for needy children. The Round Rock Leader newspaper recently did an article on their group. You can see a picture of my mother here. She is in the bottom left-hand picture. I'm so proud of her! What an awesome thing to do.

Anyway (boy, do I not stay on topic!), her birthday is tomorrow. So, I sent her a card yesterday. I did it with the soon-to-be-retiring Roses In Winter set (I can't believe it). Rose Red, Regal Rose, Shimmery White CS. Oh, and I mailed it in a clear envelope so that she could see it right away. I've never considered myself an artist, like her. I think of myself as a crafter (hence "crafty"engineer). I hope she likes the card and my attempt to rise up to 1/2 of her level of artistic-ness.

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george.franco said...

Very pretty. Have this set and love it but I've never filled the card like this. Great idea!!