Thursday, May 17, 2007

Happy Anniversary to me.

And my husband, of course. Ten Years today. YAY!

When you have kids, though, anniversaries take a bit of a back burner... it was the last day of preschool forever, you know.

Anyway, I had this card design in my head for a while now for my husband's card. I just didn't have time to get to make it... well, until last night. Or so I thought. I went to get the stamp out of the box it usually lives in. It wasn't there! Now, I know I just revamped my stamp room so it can't be lost... I would have found it. I do lend out my stuff and shame on me for not writing that stuff down. Anyway, that stamp is gone. The main problem was at 11pm last night... still no card and no other ideas. Hmm... I was looking for stunning, elegant, etc... not cutesy.

Well, this morning I was talking to my downline, Camille, on the phone and telling her how I just laid on the floor staring at the ceiling hoping that some inspiration would come to me last night. Then she said... "I have that set". WHAT? You're kidding me... I almost forgot that my 1-year old was napping or I would have driven over to her house and gotten it. She, being the really sweet, caring person that she is, delivered it to me. THANK YOU CAMILLE!

So, now I just had to get my idea down on paper. Oh yeah, I had to do this with 2 small boys after preschool ended (did I mention that they were jazzed - well the almost 5 yr. old was stoked that SUMMER is here!) and neither napped. And they both usually nap! So, about 4 attempts later (I kept messing up), I ended up with a card I like pretty well.

I used embossing resist and masking. A lot of it is SU! but I did use the A Muse large skinny oval for the island (it's on there twice to make a non-oval shaped island).

We love the ocean and the beach and palm trees. So, it seemed appropriate.

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