Thursday, May 24, 2007

A Muse Challenge #4 - Card 1

So, *just* (literally, a couple of hours before we left) the post for A Muse's challenge #4 went up. ACK! I didn't have any punches packed. I thought I had everything covered so that I would be able to do the challenge from here. But boy am I glad I checked the Amuseapoolza site to see if it was up. I hurriedly ran upstairs to my stamp room and punched a whole bunch of things out. Put them in a ziploc bag, tucked it into my suitcase, and off we went. So, all of my entries in the challenge this week will look similar because I'm on an island (not quite deserted) in the middle of nowhere and well, this is what I have with me! My internet access is somewhat flaky here too, so I'll be brief and not describe each card this time around.

Card 1:

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