Friday, July 20, 2007

Did I ever tell you this story?

You may have read this thread I started on Splitcoast back in May but I don't think I posted anything about it here. I still keep thinking about this...

*Here's the exact post I had on Splitcoast:

Just wanted to share this really weird thing... I still can't believe this.

A week ago Saturday (May 19th), I mailed out 15 invitations for my son's
birthday party. Here is what the invitation looks like. They were all in clear envelopes. The clear envelope had a white paper that had the addressee name and return address on it and the card. The card had a piece of white printer paper with all the details glued on the inside.

We invited a couple of our neighbors but I emailed one of them on Monday (the 21st) just to make sure she got it. She lives 5 or so houses down so mail takes 1 day to get to her. Nope, nothing yet. Nothing Tuesday, Wednesday, etc. Finally, on Friday she gets it.

Here's the weird part... she got the white paper with her address on it. AND just the white printer paper from the inside of the card. It was clearly ripped off the card and stuck in the envelope and mailed to her.

HOW BIZARRE IS THAT? Someone at the post office or somewhere STOLE my card? WHY would they do that? And why not just take the whole thing? VERY STRANGE.

My friend was thinking to file a complaint with the post office. We'll see if that does anything. It's not the first time her mail has been tampered with.

Isn't that just weird???

Okay, thanks for listening... just had to share.

Here is the original thread if you want to see what happened to others.

Has anything weird happened to you with the mail or the clear envelopes? I actually stopped mailing them (still use them for hand delivery) because of this.


scrappintrish said...

Wow. Nothing like this has ever happened to me before. I actually just started sending cards to people and I only use the SU! envelopes. Not the clear ones. That is sad that someone would do that. Must be your card was the coolest thing ever for them to steal it. Sorry that happened to you. Some people just have no respect for other people's things! I hope your son's birthday was great anyway :)

Jan Scholl said...

I hate the PO and rarely use it anymore. I am so tired of this one jerk who asks me if I want to buy all his crap and all I wanted was to mail one small envy with some blog candy parcel post. no , I dont want overnight, del. confirmation, insurance, money orders etc. and then he once had the nerve to say I used his precious PO box and that I had to send it priority and when I said prove it , he siad it would be marked USPS on the back, so I unwrapped it right there and turned it over and proved it to him it was from Office Max. and my mail ends up in the snow too. hate them and if you complain, they hang up on you.