Wednesday, July 4, 2007

A Muse Challenge 10 - Not a card #4

A simple bookmark.

Here's the story about this. First, I like simple bookmarks in my books. You know the kind I'm talking about ... flat and lays nicely inside your books.

Reading? What's that? I know you are asking when do I do that? Never. Well, that's not true. On vacation. So, not very often. Kids and pleasure reading don't seem to go that well together. Ironic, eh? Since, as parents, you try to encourage reading ALL the time and are reading all the time. But Goodnight Moon or The Lorax don't really count, I think.

Oh yeah, back to this bookmark. I wanted a flat, simple one that wouldn't have anything on it that falls off when you're at the dr.'s office and shoving the bookmark into your book (or SU catalog as the case may be). :) I decided to spell out A Muse since this is the last week of this 10 week contest. I thought it would be a good reminder of all the fun and craziness that I've experienced.

Come on, remember the "dry embossing/McGyver" entry? That was funny... And who else do you know that takes their A Muse stamps on their anniversary trip to the Carri bean only to get lost in Miami at customs? And then there were all the LATE nights...

Alright. So, here's my simple bookmark, whose story is so long and so not simple.

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