Wednesday, July 4, 2007

A Muse Challenge 10 - Not a card #7

Luggage/Backpack Tag

It's Purple! Go figure. So, I like purple.

This luggage tag is super cool (not my artwork - the tag itself). Again, someone on SCS was getting rid of them for really cheap and a bunch of them so I snagged them up! Uh, and this was my first one... They are by XYRON and they are SUPER easy to do... self laminating.

I put the "Journey" saying on the back so that I can see it when I'm out and about and frenzied to get somewhere or to get something done.

ENJOY the ride. For as our favorite musical says, "No day but today" (from Rent)

Cute? Or no?


Jennifer Moore said...

Love it.

Tex said...

Oh my dear .... I love, love, love this!! Please, will you allow me to CASE this idea for my convention roomy & buddies? It's wonderful!