Tuesday, July 17, 2007

POLL - help me decide....

Can you stand it? Multiple posts in one day. Well, I truly have been working on stuff, just hadn't gotten anything quite finished.

And guess, what? I've been working on the HOLIDAYS! Yeah, you heard me. Not "my" Christmas stuff... just getting some stuff for others off my plate.

Last year, my mom asked me to do some cards for her to send to our families. Well, she had some requirements... not religious, not cutesie, etc. So, I figure the same rules apply this year. And basically I wanted a reason to buy the Thomas Kinkade stuff from Cornish Heritage Farms. Have you seen that stuff? Oh my!

So, here are my two cards:

Handsome Hunter/Purely Pomegranate with Dazzling Diamonds Glitter all over it:

Night of Navy/Purely Pomegranate (no glitter):

I think the end result WILL have glitter all over it. It just adds something nice. So, visual the navy one with glitter on it.

Okay, so the POLL thing... There is a poll on the right side (over there ===> ) for you to vote until tomorrow night, which you like better.

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