Friday, July 13, 2007


I won 3rd place in the AMUSEAPALOOZA Ambassador Competition! Can you believe that? I see that some of you already knew that based on your comments (Thank you for that!). I just found out last night! We didn't have any kind of internet to speak of down on the beach! LOL! Anyway, I'm so very excited. 3rd place winnings is a $30 gift certificate to A Muse art stamps! Can you say free rubber?

Did you see you got 1st and 2nd? Amy Rysavy won 1st place. Amy has been a guest designer for A Muse and she has done some tutorials over on Splitcoast. She's on some other design teams also. She is AWESOME.

Taylor VanBruggen won 2nd place. Have you seen her work? Taylor is also an experienced stamper and on several design teams. I'm sure you've seen her work. She does exquisite work.

And then there is me. Little ol' me... I'm just Sally Stamper and not famous like them. I am SO HONORED to have my name in the same sentence as theirs. Congratulations Amy and Taylor.

To all of you that helped me along the way - I thank you very much!

Now, what to buy? :)


Camille said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I knew you would be a winner!

StamperSharon said...

Congratulations, Geeta -- you did an awesome job!