Friday, July 13, 2007

Tag, I'm it...

After a week of playing Rock, Paper, Scissors with my 5 year-old, I'm happy to change the game to Tag. I've been tagged this week by TWO fellow stampers. I might add that I've never been tagged before so here breaks my silence. :)

I've been tagged by Theresa (nice to meet you ;) and my SCS friend, TexasGrammy (aka Beverly Gerard). Thanks so much for thinking of me ladies.

Now, the rules (I have to write them down here or I'll forget!):
*Post 7 random things about yourself
*Tag 7 other bloggers
*Post the rules
*Leave tagged bloggers comments on their site.

Random things about me:
1. When I moved to Texas at age 11, I was fluent in French. I lived in a very small French town in Canada (was bussed to the next English speaking town for school!).

2. I was the representative from my hometown in Hands Across America in 1986 (or was it 1985?).

3. I met Heather Locklear and her then husband, Richie Sambora (who was not so nice that particular day) on my honeymoon.

4. My first car was a maroon (dare I say that?) 1976 Monte Carlo that could fit 11 people in it if they were laying on top of each other in the back seat!

5. I swam with the Stingrays in the Cayman Islands and I'm scared to death of being in the water with fish and sharks and other sea creatures!

6. I was one of the original software engineers/designers on the Mobil (and now Exxon) Speedpass Pay at the Pump systems.

7. I can remember dates really well but not names or anything else really. Like I can remember the birthday of my best friend in the 2nd grade (WHY??? DUNNO!) but I can't remember a phone number someone just gave me or what her name was. Doh. :(

Okay, now to find 7 other bloggers. Man, this homework is HARD!

  1. Orange Moose
  2. Katie Stilwater
  3. CAKVD
  4. Scoopy
  5. Jen del Muro
  6. Laura
  7. SpazzGirl
Good golly, this is tough. Seriously. A Lot of people have been tagged already. And a lot haven't but finding that out is really hard!


Jan Scholl said...

We drove from mid Michigan to Ohio to participate in Hands across America and I still have and wear my t shirt. My kids were in grade school and had their Cabbage Patch dolls dressed up to participate too. We played frisbee in some farmers field and berated the cops handing out tickets for whatever reasons. It was a blast and I am so upset they didnt have a 20th reunion in 2006. And my brother nearly got us killed when he kept yelling out the window-What's a Buckeye? You just dont rile up those OSU people who hate UM people.

SpAzzGiRL said...

Hands Across America...that is hysterical!!
I'll get to mine later today, thanks for the tag!

Tex said...

Soooooo, I'm gathering that you 'verified' that 11 people would fit in the Monte Carlo laying down!! I'm giggling allllll over!!!
Way to go, Geeta!!