Friday, June 1, 2007

A Muse Challenge #5 - Card 1

Okay, this challenge is HARD for me. I thought it would be easier. Hmm... not so much. Maybe I'm just tired. Yeah, I know it's late but it wasn't that late when I started these. I even sketched them out first to see if I liked them. I never do that.

If you missed it, Challenge #5 is about making scenes with your A Muse stamps. These stamps are built for this. They all go together so well.

So, here's my first card:

I've got Mad Scientist on the brain. My son's b'day party is this weekend and you may remember that it's a Mad Science (see party. I'll post more about the party stuff *after* the party 'cause I don't want to spoil it for some of you party goers.

Anyway back to this card. Boris is in TEXAS now and he caught himself a good ol' Texas FIRE ANT. MWAH HA HA. Is that how you spell that? LOL. So, should he just keep it on his shelf with all his other specimens? Nah.... I say blast him to smithereens... yeah, I'm so not fond of fire ants. Or scorpions. (had one of those in the house tonight but I taught my oldest son how to kill it without me actually having to get near it. Boys. They rule - when it comes to bugs).


Connie said...

I LOVE this, it is so cute and clever. Very colorful.

Tisha said...

This is a wonderful card!! The layout and perspective is perfect!

lexi said...

i love this card! so colorful & fun!