Saturday, June 9, 2007

A Muse Challenge #6 - Card 1

Okay, since I'm on vacation WITH the kids this time AND don't really have any of the "stuff" to do the Amuseapalooza challenge this week (Details here), I had to be clever and fast and make something work. The challenge really is about heat embossing but they relaxed the rules to include glaze pens or dry embossing. Hey, I can do dry embossing w/o any of the "stuff", right? Okay, so that was a challenge in of itself.

Just for fun, I'm going to take you on my journey to get this ONE card made for this challenge.

First, I had to come up with a template to dry emboss. I had to make up a template that had straight lines because I don't have anything curvy with me (like punches). So, I thought I'd make a checkerboard pattern. So, I used my paper cutter and some Math and cut out very carefully the pattern shown.

Next, I had to actually emboss it. Hmm, no wax paper to make it slide better... oh wait, NO embossing stylus. Huh. Now, what? Oh, wait a moment... my son's Pixter (that we brought for the airplane and long car rides, etc.) has a stylus! WOHOO! Oh boy! Oh boy! It ALSO serves as a light source! PEACHY KEEN BILLIE JEAN! Seriously, you have no idea how excited I became at this idea. I feel like I'm roughin' it here without my embossing stuff! THE HORROR...
The dry embossing isn't the greatest with this method but it certainly works in a pinch. The embossing isn't as clean as I would like so I just put my main focal point over the part that doesn't look great. Anyway, I thought it was clever and I still got to participate in this week's challenge.

Only one card for this week's challenge though. You can see why.

And finally the card... it has the A Muse sentiment and the Superbella. I think it turned out pretty well even though I didn't much like my dry embossing or coloring job. Pretty good for being on vacation and making it in a hotel room, right?


Connie said...

Very McGyver of you, what a 'Super' card. Happy Vacation!

Amy H. said...

Okay, you should get some kind of award or something. You took that challenge to a whole new level! You never cease to amaze me!

sharon said...

Very clever - you must be an engineer ;-)

veronica m said...

you seem to be very good at improvising (don't think i spelled that right) any who, cool card and it looks like it's never a dull vacation with the little ones around lol