Tuesday, June 5, 2007

A Muse Challenge #6 is posted

Can you believe the we are on week 6 of these challenges?

I am on vacation (yes, again... husband is on 2 month sabbatical from work!). More about this later. BUT this week's will be a CHALLENGE for me. I don't have ANY of the needed supplies here with me (i.e. no heat gun, no glaze pens, no glaze glue, do embossing templates, no stylus... etc.) in SLOWEST.INTERNET.CONNECTION.EVER world. I brought some stamps, some ink, and some paper, thinking that should cover it. HA! Not even close. BUT, Emily, if you read this... I'm going to try to come up with SOMETHING.

Here's the challenge straight from A Muse:

"We are already half-way to A-MUSE-A-PALOOZA! Sooo, it's time to heat things up! Dust off your heat tool, this week your challenge is to use heat embossing on your design! You may use your choice of ink, papers, colors, stamps (please use at least one A Muse stamp if possible), embellishments, etc. If you do not have a heat embossing tool, you may use glaze pens or glaze glue (for a faux embossed look) or dry embossing instead. "

If you haven't played yet... what are you waiting for? Come join the fun. They GIVE OUT FREE PRIZES. Just register (tell them I sent you - I'd really appreciate it!). They give away prizes randomly just for registering. How cool is that?

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