Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Dog Sitters (Challenge #7 - Card 5)

For this past week's vacation, two neighbor kids split the task of taking care of our dogs. So, last time I made a card for the boy that took care of them. It had money it in. But since he's of that age that says smart-alec stuff... he says to me "Oh geez, just what I wanted ... a card". Oh joy. To be pre-teen. Humph. I told him not to throw it away before he opened it! Sheesh. Anyway, I had to make 2 cards for the dog caregivers... this time a girl and the same boy.

Here's the card I made for the boy: Simple... boring. Sufficient.

Here's the card I made for the girl. She likes arts and crafts, etc. So, I added some glitter to the scallop and the ribbon is from May Arts. She'll like it.

The dog is Patch from A Muse, as is the dog house. The sentiment is from A Muse also.

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