Saturday, June 2, 2007

Swap candy!

Is that what it's called when you give away free gel writer pens? I'm giving two to everyone who partipates in my A Muse Swap over on SCS.

Come join me. All you need is one A Muse stamp to play. Everything else can be something else. We are making 3x3 gift enclosures. You know the kind you put in a gift bag whenever you give a gift.

Anyway, I REALLY need more players. Won't you join me? It'll be fun! How can you say no to FREE gel pens?


Jennifer Moore said...

Do I get a gel writer pen even though I signed up for the swap before you were giving them away?

Chris Hauck said...

Hey I left you a note over at SCS. I'd love to participate. Count me in!
Chris Hauck