Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Boris revisted.

Today is my oldest son's 5th birthday. OMG. How did this happen? No, not how did "he" get to be so old ... yadda, yadda, they grow up so fast, time flies by, enjoy your time with them now, etc. etc. yadda, yadda, yadda. That's not entirely what I mean. I mean how does 5 years of my life go by in a blink. My life, not his. I just can't believe it. At least with his life, there are MAJOR milestones... walking, talking, sleeping through the night (yes, this is a MAJOR one in our house), etc. but me... five years... um Milestones = 2.... 2 kids. Okay, that's not true either. It's been an AWESOME 5 years. I just can't believe how fast it's happening.

Anyway, today is his actual birthday and we're not even home. But his party was on Saturday.

Remember the Mad Science party and the search for the right stamps... AND A MUSE has a Mad Scientist named Boris! Yeah! Well, I made lots of stuff with good old Boris for the party. First I searched high and low for kid lab coats... found some Adult size small in the right price range. Did I mention that the party was 100% success and that we had 100% attendance. 100% attendance. That has never happened for his b'day because it's the beginning of the summer and people, you know, have plans. Anyway, he had a blast with the Mad Science thing. We had a volcano cake and it was yummy. All the kids showed up, we greeted them at the door with a "welcome to our lab, here is your lab coat, googles, badge and lab notebook."

So, here are the lab uniforms:

These are the lab coats. In one pocket are the safety lab googles (I found this for $1 a piece!) and in the other pocket is a pen and a lab notebook. The badge is clipped on the lapel. Most of the kids loved it!

Here is one of the notebooks. I made it very plain because they are a bunch of 5 year-olds and could care less if I used pretty patterned paper or not (plus I didn't have time!) . Anyway, I used my Bind-it-all that I got from eclectic paperie to make the books. This was my first project with it and I had to make 15 of them. Went pretty fast. I'm liking the BIA a lot. The covers are 4" coasters. And of course, Boris. :)

I went to Wal-mart and got the name tag holders they have and made badges for each child using Boris. I have such an unusual name for here in the States that I'm all about giving gifts with names on it. I'm such a nut that I still look for my name at those touristy places that have everyone's name but mine on everything from pencils to shot glasses! HA! Uh, no, never found one. Anyway, now I look for my kid's names and they, too, have unusual names (no Spencer is not my son's name!). I mounted the white on Real Red since my son wanted Red.

Oh and the Mad Science party was AWESOME. I, strongly recommend it if you need an idea. The scientist kept their attention the WHOLE time and it was awesome. At the end, they all made slime that they got to take home. AND they (Mad Science) will do the party favors for you if you want (science related stuff). How cool is that? They come to your house and everything. Easy Peasy! Check them out at madscience.org AND then order Boris from A Muse artstamps.

Here's just one picture from the party... it's where the boy was holding this Cathode tube and the Scientist touched it with a Tesla coil to light it up. How cool is THIS? Okay, so I am a geek... what did you expect with an engineer, eh? Electrical engineer even.

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