Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Simple and Elegant.

Last night I was trying to come up with some cards for my SU! Retirement party later this week. Talk about stamper's block. Pffft. So, I started cleaning up my stamp room and boy, did it need it. Some would call that procrastination and yes, they would be right but I thought creating needed a *clean* start. HA! Okay, got that semi-done. Then what? Still nada. Jenn even helped me narrow down what I wanted to show (she's Helpful, that Jenn Balcer!). Next, started opening drawers. I found all kinds of stuff in my stash (Jenn would be so proud). Among the horded stuff, I found 4 packages of Judikins Kromekote Glossy Notecards. I used to make family notecards as gifts - you know, the kind that say John, Mary, John Boy, Sally over and over and over on the front. I think Current probably still does them. Anyway, they were a big hit but I'm over that stage of my life.

So, stash. Right. Well, my friend and downline, Evalyn, recently told me how she loves the look of stamped images on Glossy CS. I use glossy CS all the time but for techniques, like crayon resist, starburst, etc. Not just for regular stuff! She said, "I love the look of markers on glossy". WOW!. How could I not have done this? Isn't it that simple? So, in all my creative-block-ness last night, I decided to use some stash (GOOD!) and do some simple cards. Hey, isn't the A Muse
slogan: Think Simple, Think A Muse?

I posted a bunch of them in my gallery on Splitcoast. Check that out if you get a chance. I saved a few for here so that you get the idea.

I love the crisp, clean look. I figure I'll give a set of 4 or 6 as gifts.
The SU! markers look good on glossy. Who knew? I'll have to use that some more. Clean and simple.

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