Sunday, January 6, 2008

What do you do with the Christmas Cards you receive? Poll results!

First, THANK YOU so much for participating in my poll. A overwhelming 83 of you answered! That's awesome!

WOW! Most of you save your cards, too. That's very impressive. I received an email from Claudia about an organization that is always looking for cards for our devoted soldiers. Here's the link to Cards for Heroes. I think I'll look into this a bit more. I just don't have the space to keep all the stuff I want to keep.... not just cards! LOL!

Anyway, here are the poll results:

Save them. 61%
Throw them away. 10%
Recycle them. 24%
Other. 3%

Thanks again for participating!

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Jan Scholl said...

the vest majority of cards I receive are not handmade-just cheapo store bought as some of the senders send out cards to everyone they have met in thier life. I cut those up and reuse what I can, including the glossy back area if its stampable. always good to have these peices laying around when kids want to stamp. the handmade cards-they are saves and lovingly archived in a box for others to enjoy looking at but never given away.