Monday, January 7, 2008


Today would have been my father's 77 birthday. In June, he'll be gone 10 years. TEN YEARS. I can hardly believe it. So many things have changed but so many have stayed the same. There's nothing sad about any of this except that he never met my children. He would have really enjoyed them. And as my husband told my son today, he would have spoiled them rotten!

As I was thinking about him today, I thought about how he made one decision in his life that had so much to do with my life today. I'm certain that he and my mother made all sorts of decisions that led me to be the person I am today but this particular decision is the one I thought of today.

When I was 11 years old, we lived in Ontario, Canada. My parents decided to move to Texas then. That one decision impacted my life in so many ways. Sure, he could have decided to move to Kansas and maybe my life would have be similar - who knows? But so many things have come from us moving here. I went to and graduated from the University of Texas with an Electrical Engineering degree. I went there because it has a GREAT Engineering school but I also went there because it was close to home. I met my husband there. How very blessed I am for this. We decided to stay in the area because my family is here and we love Austin so much. Then came our boys. Well, ok, so I can't talk/write about that.

I'm trying to make a point. Here's another story. A year ago at Thanksgiving, my then 4 year old's preschool class was on television for "getting kid's advice about Thanksgiving". It was super cute and they all did so well. I wrote a note to the preschool director after this aired on television. I told her I was so thankful that she picked my son's class to do the tv spot. I said, you made one decision today that impacted lives all around the world. To her, she made a decision about which class she should volunteer. To me, my 94 year old great uncle halfway across the world in India, got to see his great-great nephew sing on tv (web telecast). To me, that one decision she made impacted my family's life.

Alright, so, what's my point, you ask? In January, we all do a lot of resolving, starting over, etc. I do a lot of reflecting, too. Maybe you do too. Where am I now, what have I learned, etc., how can I better myself. Well, with today's reflection about my dad (and consequently, the tv thing), I think making choices and decisions regardless how small or big are important. Tomorrow, I wish for you to think about one decision you make and see how it might impact others around you. It may not but it might. Maybe all you will do is think about this post. And that's ok too. Please, don't feel sorry for me. My dad was a great man. I miss him but I have the greatest memories and part of him is in my children. I so see him daily. ;)

Thanks for listening.


Jackie said...

Thank you for posting that. So many of our decisions affect people all around us on a daily basis and I think if we all stopped to think for just a second we might make better decisions. It's the ripple effect and can make or break someone's day sometimes. Again, thanks for causing me to stop and reflect on things, I needed that.

Katydidnt said...

Geeta!!! You summed up exactly what I've been thinking lately but couldn't put into words. I've decided that this is the year that I grow up. I know that sounds weird, but I've decided that I can react immaturely to certain things and I've resolved to become an adult in 2008. There you decision.

Jen said...

Geeta- your post touched me in so many ways! I lost my grandmother this weekend to Alzheimer's, and I've been thinking alot about her and how she met my daughter, but never "knew" her because of her disease. Thanks for sharing!

Angela said...

Thanks for this post. As I was reading it, I began to sob. I lost my grandfather 2 years ago. I was extremely close to him. I helped my grandmother take care of him during his last year because he did not want to leave home. I am so grateful for that time with him. I am also grateful that my 7 year old daughter was able to become close to him. His face lit up when she would visit him. I believe that God gave her to me so that she could give him joy and comfort during his last years. Family is so important to all of us. We need to remember not to take anyone or anything for granted because we never know when it will be gone.