Sunday, December 30, 2007

Sometimes Simple isn't.

So, many of you probably wondered at one point during the holiday madness where my Card is (humor me that you wondered... ;)). You thought (again, let me think you did!), she's doing all this stuff but no Christmas card? Well, I'm here to tell you it's NOT because of time. I did not run out of time. Well, sorta. That wasn't my problem actually. First, let me say, they did go out... except for a handful that I have to still mail to India. But the rest went out and hopefully have reached people by now.

Here's how my card design goes EVERY year. Right after last year's gets mailed out, I start thinking about the next year and how I want to do it differently. You know, my cards involve family picture, year-end letter, and the hand-made card. I also, really, really like to come up with a different fold or way-to-house-it-all kinda card each year. That is part of my fun: Designing, ahem, ENGINEERING the perfect ensemble! You wouldn't believe how much time during the year, I spend thinking about it. Not doing anything but thinking.

Picture - the day before Thanksgiving. CHECK
Letter - December 15th. CHECK.
Kinkos - took 6 packages of SU! card stock to Kinko's to copy letter on to it. Dec 18th. CHECK.
Paper Cut - Dec. 18th. CHECK.

Yeah, so then I sat down to make the prototype. YUCK! It was going to have some Cuttlebug embossing on it. Well, that didn't turn out like I thought. Left some extra dents in the paper, etc. Fiddled with that for a while. Yeah, didn't like it in the end. Okay, so now what? Plan B? Um... well, here's the thing. I WANT SIMPLE. HA. I like the look of SIMPLE. Clean. Elegant. All of that. And well, easy would be good too at this point. Vowed to not emboss this year. I always emboss. Wanted something else.

Alright. So, I finished them. AND I ACTUALLY LOVE THEM. They are me. They are simple. They even sparkle. And they're about snowflakes. I adore Snowflakes (my friend Michelle gave me a James Avery snowflake charm for my charm bracelet!). I live in Texas. No snowflakes. Which is a GOOD thing because I'm not fond of cold. But I like the "idea" of snowflakes and the look of them, etc.

Anyway, after writing a book here, you can see that Sometimes Simple just isn't.

The details:
Images by A Muse Artstamps and ElzybellsNA and Stampin' Up! (wheel)
Card stock by Stampin' Up!
Ink by Stampin' Up! (Bashful Blue)
Accessories: Silver cord by SU!, Sakura Quickie Glue Pen, SU! Dazzling Diamonds Glitter

The dimensions are 8.5x4 (a full sheet of CS tri-folded) - fits in a standard business size envelope (or those envelopes you get with those photo cards!)


freshaircrafting said...

Your cards are awesome! I love the different layout and how you incorporated everything all into one! The simplicity is very elegant.

Karen said...

I loved getting your card! It is a great design and I wish I had thought of it! Bravo!

Elena said...

Thanks for your card - I loved it! Happy New Year, too :)

Jenn Balcer said...

I think that your card was my favorite this year, Geeta. Perfection!

Lyndsay said...

I just received mine yesterday! How CUTE are you and your family?! Gorgeous card too. :)

Rhonda said...

This is a beautiful card and very well made!! Thank you SO much!!