Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Ah, he's not a baby anymore...

Remember how I've said my 5 yr old didn't like arts and crafts? Well, Kindergarten has changed him! He's all about it now. Right before Thanksgiving, I purchased a fun foam kit from Michael's. I thought it would be a good thing for him to do while Mommy played with her toys, ahem stamps. Just something to do. No plan for giving them out or anything.

Ah, a little background first. Every year of preschool, I made stuff for his friends (with minimal help from him - see aforementioned lack of interest on his part!). I did it because it was fun not because we had to give something. I've done frames for each child (with the class pic) or the popcorn sleeves, or little coloring books, etc.

Back to present day. He's been working on these fun foam ornaments - maybe 5 in a sitting or so - there are 30 in the box. I figured he'd make maybe 8 and call it done. Maybe give them to his grandmothers or whatever. So, the other day, he says out of the blue "Mom, let's give these to my friends at school". I already had pictures of each kid with a Santa hat (I'm the room parent and had to take them for some other project the teacher needed). Anyway, FABULOUS, I said to him. And then he did them all and sorted the pictures by which "frame" each child got (there are 3).

So, he's not a baby anymore and he doesn't need me to make his friend's stuff. :( Seriously, I am THRILLED that he has shown any interest at all. Maybe the art table we got him and his brother will actually be used! I'm so proud of him!

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