Saturday, December 1, 2007

Last Minute Lucy (pronounced "GEETA").

My friend, Veronica always says that I thrive on stress. You know, the good kind of stress (is there such a thing?). Maybe it's just called procrastination. I find the more time you have to do something, the more time you use! HA! For example, cleaning my house... if I had all week to do it and I actually did it, I would use the full time to do it. However, if I just allot an hour or two, then that's all I use! Make sense?

Well, there is something about the thrill of getting something done last minute. I mean I know these things are coming up (i.e. deadlines) but I just can't do them until there is some pressure. Strange, I know. Believe me the organizer in me thinks that the procrastinator in me is on crack!

Anyway, remember a few weeks ago I showed the invitation to my neighborhood's holiday party? Well, tonight was that party. And well, last night I decided I should take something for the couple that is hosting the party. It's really a grown-up pot-luck and the food is wonderful. We have me (that initiates, supervises, and generally hassles all the neighbors), then the event organizer, a set-up crew and a clean-up crew. It's fabulous. Whomever has it at their house just supplies the house. It's an awesome deal and now after 11 years, a well-oiled machine. But that's not the point of my story... I always think I should give the host house couple something - kinda like bringing a bottle of wine to a dinner party, etc. But they don't drink. And they're older so I wanted it to be appropriate. What would that be? Candles? Candy? Flowers? All great ideas but not what I wanted to do. Didn't seem to fit here. Ah, the night before... pretty much gotta go with whatever idea you come up with. Hey, I know! CARDS. That's original. They expect that from wouldn't expect that from me! ;)

10 cards. Simple ones. Elegant. Thank yous. Everyone can use thank yous, right? Hmmm... simple = no layers, not much coloring, no special techniques, etc. I got it. I'll use that one stamp I so coveted during the A-Muse-a-palooza contest... the spiral daisy!

I made 10 cards using the same stamp and just colored them all a different color. I did the envelopes to match and used the script thanks stamps that seemed to fit here. But wait, it needs more... stickles would work but would take a bit of time to dry... I need to finish and package them NOW! I know! My new spica glitter pens... OOOOHHHH YES! Look at that detail... that sparkley look is all SPICAS!

Okay. Done. Whew. Got it done and the night before! Wohoo! LOL. Oh wait... how am I going to package them?

Well, my handy-dandy Scor-pal was just sitting there calling to me. So, I made a little box purse thing for the set of cards. Red and black, of course (that's somewhat Christmas-y right?). It's similar to some pattern I saw last week on Splitcoast but I made my own to fit the A Muse size cards. I like the end result. I put a magnet closure on it so that it could be opened and closed easily. I didn't add any ribbon or paper handle because I didn't want it to be accidentally held by that and rip! The black flap lifts up and the 10 cards are on the inside (I should have taken a picture of it open but I didn't!).

So, to end my story, I gave them to the wife tonight at the party. She loved them. Think of a grandmother when you think of this lady. She's just as sweet as can be!

The first party of my season is over; December 1st has come and gone... 23 days until Christmas!


Well Said Cards said...

I love the simplicity and it's such a thoughtful gift! FANTASTIC JOB.

Jen said...

These are so pretty Geeta!

Camille said...

Awwww! How thoughtful. Simple and pretty. Love the box.

freshaircrafting said...

Those are gorgeous! Now I'm going to have to have more spica pens!!

CresceNet said...
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mj said...

those are simply sweet geeta! i'm sure they loved them!

iott said...

Awesome hostess gift. THe bright colors are gorgeous

Rhonda Maynard said...

These are gorgeous! Love the bright colors and how those flowers dazzle!!