Monday, February 19, 2007

Stamping is stress relieving to me...

And boy do I need some stamping time! Too much going on around here, it seems.

This Thursday is my last workshop for a month or so. That kinda makes me sad but there's just no way to sneak anything else into my schedule. I hate that. But that's how life is I suppose.

I made some cute thank yous for a friend for her bridal shower. I missed the shower because we saw Elmo make music instead ;). That was fun! Anyway, I'm sure she already has the professional thank yous for her wedding but I still wanted to make something handmade. I made a set of 10 cards with her name on them. I love the font. It's called "Susie's Hand". I used the ring (yep, again) from Fairy Tale Wedding and put dazzling diamonds glitter on the stone. Very simple, very elegant. I hope she likes them. I also made a tag using the tag punches and the "Mr & Mrs." stamp from Tagger's Dozen. I also made some 3x3 gift enclosure cards to go on the gifts that we got her.

I had a workshop yesterday and we made three cards. That's all I've stamped since Valentine's... I haven't even taken the pictures yet of the final cards! Sheesh, where is the time going?

That's it for now. I hope to get to stamp more this week. I need all the stress relieving I can get... who doesn't really?

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