Monday, February 12, 2007

Mom's Valentine's Day Surprise

It's two days until Valentine's Day and yesterday I decided to make my mother a present. My upline, Jenn, sent me these fabulous coasters to make stuff with. I think I love them. They are so easy to decorate. I'll have to have a class with them sometime soon!

Well, I ended up making two frames (one of each boy) and they have little hinges that let them sit on her desk. I didn't embellish them as much as I wanted to because I had to get them in the mail today! (Yes, I'm brilliant, I know... wait until the last minute to start a project! DOH!) But they are very easy to do!

My baby had his first haircut (I did it myself btw!) yesterday so I took before and after pictures. My mom lives nearby so she does see the boys pretty often. I just wanted to send her something so she could get some fun mail. That's that new punch that makes a file folder tab thingy on there. It's available in the SU! Spring Mini coming up in March.

Anyway, I love the coasters and the frames. (I think I said that already....). Anyway, wanna make some? Look for a class coming soon... we're going to make boxes, too... and other stuff... oooh..

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Camille said...

Love the frames and yes I want to learn how to make them!