Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Last fall, my oldest boy started playing soccer. What a hoot! Anyway, at the end of the season, I made paper bag scrapbooks for the team showcasing some of the highlights of the season. It was a fun project and I enjoyed making them. I gave each player (6 including my son) the scrapbook at the pizza party. One of the scrapbooks accidentally got ruined a few days after the party. I knew the mom felt awful and she asked if I would make another one. Well, here it is THREE months later (Sorry for the delay!), but I worked on it tonight and it's done. Now, I've blurred out the picture on the front of the little boy - I'm kinda freaky about that. I'm sure you've all noticed that I don't call my boys by their names on here. Don't know why... just freaky. Anyway, here it is. The color for the team was similar to Glorious Green.

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