Monday, February 5, 2007

No classes... no stamping...

It seems that my theory, or at least what I call a theory, has been proven to be valid. If I don't have any stamping classes, I don't stamp. Last week, I didn't have any classes (shocking, I know!) and I never got to stamp. My husband had to travel for work so I was doing the single parent thing and boy was I tired by the time the boys went to bed. Whew, glad he's home.... now, time to stamp again.

So, I haven't posted for a few days because I've been working feverishly (well, okay, not feverishly but the baby had a fever on Friday and Saturday, does that count?) to figure out one of the techniques for stamp club this week. I've researched and researched (splitcoast, of course) and even made 5 different cards before deciding the last one is the one. I can't show that one, of course, until after stamp club on Friday, but I can show you some of the others.

The technique is using Heat and Stick Powder. I've had this for longer than I've been a demonstrator and I'm just getting around to using it. At first, I didn't think it was worth much but now I think I've found something that I'll keep in my mental favorites folder. So, what is it? Heat and Stick Powder is just that... it's a powder that you put after you've stamped your image in Versamark or Craft Ink, just like embossing powder. Then you heat it (not very long at all... the longer you heat it, the less sticky it becomes). Then you apply whatever you want to stick down.... glitter (OOH all kinds of glitter!), Microbeads, Flock (fuzzy stuff you would put on say a bunny rabbit or a teddy bear to make him have texture), Pearl Ex, etc. It's glue. But it's controlled glue. The 2-way glue stick can be used but the 2-way is NOT controlled. Heat & Stick works great with the stamp-a-ma-jig, too, that way you can put Heat & Stick just on part of your image - not all of it. The Versamarker (what a great price for this tool... I love my Versamarker now!) can also be used and then QUICKLY put the H&S powder on and heat it briefly.

This turquoise card uses the Pretty Princess stamp set. I stamped the cake in black and colored in with the markers. Then I took the Versamarker and went over the pink passion icing. Next, I applied the H&S and very quickly heated it and put the SU! clear microbeads on it. If you smoosh them down, they stick better. Voila! I made a couple very similar to this one.

This card is probably my favorite of the 5 but I didn't choose it for stamp club because it's way too detailed and time consuming for a class with a lot of people. But it sure does SPARKLE. I used the H&S to apply microbeads to the purse for a beaded bag! Then I applied H&S all over the place to apply Dazzling Diamonds Glitter (on her sunglasses, present, shopping bag, her blouse, the little fringes on her purse and pants, and her shoes). I LOVE this card!

Okay, I've made a bunch more cards since Friday but I can't post them just yet.... some are birthday cards going out this week, some are my bumper cards (and well, I don't want to ruin the surprise!), and then of course, the hostess club cards.

All I can say, is thank goodness I have a class this week. Happy stamping...


Camille said...

OK! OK! Here's your comment - even if I've already told you, I'll tell you again! These are awesome! Makes me want to try H&S.

Amy H. said...

LOVE the beaded bag! Now I am going to have to buy that stamp set:)

sharon said... I have to get some heat & stick powder. I never knew what it was used for.