Saturday, March 1, 2008

WHY I LOVE A Muse!!!!

So, KNOW why I love A Muse so much? I did 6 invitations from start to finish in 35 minutes last night (including printing the inside stuff). AND I am pretty happy with them!

If you ever had small children around you in the past at least 5 years, you've heard of the Wiggles! My youngest turns TWO... yes, TWO on Friday... that's 7 days from today. LUCKILY, I'm a big advocate of small, home parties. In fact, we have a "rule"... you can only have as many kids at your party as how old you are... so, in this case 2. For my older son, cousins and his brother don't count (he figured that out last summer!). But my younger one doesn't know any better yet ;)... So, he has 2 cousins in the area (young ones not adult) and his brother - makes 3 .. but well, you know how it goes with family. So, our party is next weekend and it's mainly family so it's okay that I haven't done the invites yet... right? Actually, I mailed them off this morning.

Now, my older son told me we need to do a Wiggles party for my younger one. Ok. Hmm. Wiggles are about 4 men in bright colors that sing and dance. Ok. Now what? So, when Linda did this awesome card for my VMAA Masculine challenge last week, I had to get the A Muse drum set. Ok, now I have the rockstar and the drum set. Hmm. Well, I decided to go simple. I was just going to put the drum set on the front and say "you're invited" and call it good. Then I had an a-ha moment.

Here's the final card:

The Wiggles colors are blue, yellow, red and purple. And their logo is that splat shape. Anyway, I really liked how they turned out. They get the message across, they still are kid-like and MOST IMPORTANTLY, they're done! :)

Images: A Muse drum set and you're invited; Karen Foster Snap Stamps for "the Wiggles"
Card stock: A Muse and SU!
Accessories: Copic Markers, Adirondack pitch black ink, SU! real red, SU! brilliant blue

Fruit Salad, Yummy, Yummy... Have a Wiggle-y Day!


Heather said...

I have no idea what a Wiggle is ... but it's an adorable card! *laugh*

PennyH said...

These turned out so great! You are so clever! My son will be 6 on Wednesday. I'm actually having a birthday party at our local Pizza place and we invited his entire kindergarten class (21 kids not including my son) Yikes! What was I thinking, right? I don't think they will all be there though. It's this Sunday...and then I invited family for the following Sunday for another birthday party. (On my actual birthday) I just made 6 invitations for family and mailed them out yesterday too. LOL!

Novell said...

Totally cute!!!

lexi said...

very cute--i miss those wiggles days! though they were kind of replaced around here by the imagination movers, a local group--they're awesome, too!