Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A No Coloring-Adult Masculine-Sketchilicious-Good Things Come in Threes Card

10 days later, I finally get this card done. Actually, no, I got the card done on Sunday... Just now getting to post it! :D

Remember our first A Muse VMAA 10 days ago? Well, clever Michelle had a bright idea to do all 4 challenges in one card. She is clever, that Michelle. And we offered it up as a bonus round. Then we (the Fab 4) decided at the spur of the moment (i.e. DURING the VMAA when Michelle told us about it) that we'd give the bonus round winner, our challenge combo card. GOOD IDEA. WAIT. UH... I didn't make one. Neither did Jennie or Rhonda... but those ladies are super fast and super talented, so they got theirs done right away and posted.

Well, Kim Linley won the bonus challenge and she will get our cards... mine went postal today, Kim :)

So, here's my card. Go figure. I did another coffee theme - almost identical to the card I did for Rhonda's sketch layout. I must have had it in my head because I didn't realize they were similar until I finished this one!

Do you notice something different about this picture? More about that later.

All images and card stock by A Muse.


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Love the brown!

Stephanie M said...

Oooooooooo...I SEE IT!!!! Great idea :O)