Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Vacation is over....

Hey everyone! Did you think I got lost?

It was Spring Break here last week and my family and I went to Disney World! Yes, we did take our 1 year old and the 4 1/2 year old with us. We really wanted to take our oldest son before he leaves that "he's in awe of everything" stage. I think he'll always love Disney but *we* wanted to experience his reaction at this age. Some say he won't remember it. He might not but he does have an awesome memory. Anyway, our 1 year-old (weird to say that he's one!), was an absolute angel. He didn't nap hardly at all. Maybe a 10 minute nap all day and then we yanked him out of the stroller onto the next ride, movie, attraction. He never cried about it at all. He just went with the flow. I don't know why I am surprised about that. He's done that pretty much all his life. My husband that he was substituting food for sleep. It worked pretty well. Disney was AWESOME, as Disney always is. But more importantly, my family had quality family time. It was absolutely perfect and I wish it didn't have to end. Everyday we commented on how truly blessed we are to have such a loving, sweet family.

So, to answer your question... no, I'm not lost. Just didn't want to stop vacationing. My husband gets his 2 month sabbatical this summer. I can't wait for that. This weekend, we will celebrate the 18th anniversary of our first date (mind you, we knew each other a bit longer than that). Our 10 year wedding anniversary is in May. And of all that time, we haven't been apart that much. We lived in different cities for 3 years while we were dating but we saw each other every weekend for 3 years except TWO. We've done EVERYTHING together - undergraduate, graduate school, work together, taken fun classes like ceramics and ballroom dancing and now we have 2 very sweet boys. My life is complete.

Okay, sorry for all the sappiness... but I truly am blessed and very happy with my life.

As for stamping, yes, I am back at it. Last night, I made 24 of those baby shower invites that I was working on before Spring Break. You can see the picture in the previous post.

Oh and my room organization... well, it's a bit on hold. I gotta get some time to finish that!

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