Tuesday, March 27, 2007

My dear, sweet, FABULOUSLY TALENTED, upline (and friend), Jenn Balcer, is notorious for picking up frames here and there on clearance, stashing them for a long time (so long that no one will ever be able to duplicate her work because they can't find the frames! - believe I know!). Anyway, then she pulls one out, decorates it all fancy and stuff and then gives it away - Hey Jenn, how come you haven't sent me one, yet? :P

Anyway, I went through a phase (or should I say craze) a while back where I was searching high and low for a great deal on frames. Now, in my craft room rehaul... I am finding them all :(. OOPS. Thanks Jenn. Now, I am the one pulling them out of *my* stash to make something clever.

First, here is the original frame. Found at Target last fall for $3.98, I think. It's a 8x10 white metal frame that is kinda shadow-box like (it has a bit of depth to it... not much but it's nice). The picture opening is 4x6. AND the back had a protective covering over it so it wouldn't get scratched. Pretty good for $4, right? The mat was very summer-y.

I showed it to my husband before I "fixed" it and said "take a look at this". He said nothing. I think he thought I did this to the mat. Jenn probably likes the colors! But they're not me. You probably know that by now.

Did I mention that I got two of them? As I do stuff for this baby shower, I realize that I keep leaving people out. The great grandmother (the original Pressley) will be there. I thought it would be nice to give her something, too. So, I made her one as well.

The great grandma one is Pretty in Pink and Chocolate Chip. The Grandma one is Celery and Apricot. I am really pleased how these turned out.

Good thing I had to follow in Jenn's footsteps. Oh, and my stamp room has 3 fewer frames (includes the name frame) now! Baby steps...

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Jenn said...

OH MY GOSH! Those frames are COOL! I probably passed on them 'cause the original pattern was funky. I like the colors, but the pattern makes my brain cry! GOOD FOR YOU using your stuff. I'm trying, slowly but slowly! LOVE what you did with them, Geeta!