Friday, March 2, 2007

My hands hurt!

It's all Jenn's fault (see Jenn Balcer's blog link to the right). She "updated" her stamp room. I've been thinking about organizing mine. She just made me think about it more.

You may remember that we closed in my open game room last year (when I was pregnant! - uh, no "we" didn't do it - we hired someone) and I got cabinets and a desktop and lots of drawers built, too.

Here's the sad part... my baby will turn one this next week. Know what that means? That means my stamp room is one also! AND I haven't unpacked half the boxes of junk, er craft stuff, etc. yet. There are boxes and boxes of stuff lining up two of the four walls. The room is just a disaster. And that doesn't make me feel very happy about it.

So, Jenn... on on of her walls, she has this cube system (3 drawers, 4 drawers, glass doors, etc.) that looks pretty nice. They are from Target. Wednesday night after the boys went to bed, I went to Target to check them out. I came home with 12 cubes (4 different styles). Well, here it is Friday night, and I, myself, put together 12 cubes!

So, my hands hurt from holding the heavy drill/screwdriver thing. But they look sharp. No, they're not in place yet - that would require moving those previously mentioned boxes first! ACK!.

I'm not sure when I'll get to organizing because the next 2 weeks are a bit busy around here, but I"m itching to do so. I'll post pictures when I get to it. I'll have to stamp first though - I've got stuff I need to make!

Anyway, that's where I've been!

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