Thursday, March 8, 2007


Okay, so I've gone missing for a while, haven't I?

Sickness had plagued our household starting last Thursday until yesterday (Wed). ALL three boys in this house were sick. YUCK! What else... oh yea, nephew had a birthday (turned 6!), husband had a birthday (turned ??), and my dear, sweet baby boy turned ONE yesterday. Between the sickness, birthdays, and trying to get ready for Spring Break, I, as you know, decided to *start* organizing my stamp room. So, that's where I've been. Oh, yea, and we got a new dishwasher! YAY! That's just a happy thing for me to think about. Yes, it's quiet but it *actually* cleans the dishes! What an accomplishment! Did I mention that I went to Target EVERY day this week?

Many of you have asked to see my stamp room. Well, it's not done yet and I don't want to reveal a half-done project! So, when I get to it (it might still be awhile! :(), I'll post the pictures. It's amazing how much stuff I have. Sheesh. Interestingly enough, I found in one of my craft boxes from when back when, my 1st embossing kit. My dad got it for me when I was in college, I think. Who knew I'd like card-making/stamping so many years later. I guess maybe he did. But then he did know me incredibly well. He's the reason I became an engineer. He thought I'd like it.

Anyway, so tonight, I started to organize yet a bit more (it takes forever to organize if you can only do it in 10-15 min increments!). Then I thought I'd take a break and stamp a bit. I have a ton to stamp and I really should get started.

I am throwing my son's preschool teacher a baby shower after Spring Break. Well, not a baby shower for her. She's not pregnant. Her son's wife is. She'll be a grandma for the first time. So, we're giving her a grandma shower... from the kids. I have so much to do! First the invitations! Problem *was* that I was obsessing way to much about it. I couldn't decide on what set to use... first problem... then what colors and what layout. I did come up with something and I made a prototype tonight. The great thing is that after I did it I moved on to the next card and it sat for a while. When I picked it up again, I really liked it. I hope she likes it too!

We're going to a wedding on Saturday and I need a card. So, I started to use the Doodle That set. OOH, I love it! I started with white craft on black. LOVE IT. Then I decided I didn't like it for a wedding card. So, I made a generic card. Not thrilled with the result but it's okay.

Finally, the wedding card. I wanted SIMPLE and elegant. Nothing is more elegant than black and white. Well, I think weddings should have color, too... not just black and white. So, I threw in some red. Very simple and no frills. No ribbon, nothing. Inside greeting is also in white and says "Congratulations .... Wishing two wonderful people one wonderful life."

So, I may have been MIA and I may still be, who knows? What's that saying? Can't wait until vacation is over so I can rest?

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