Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Standard baby shower gift works everytime!

So, again, personalized stuff... important to me. You know, I had a very small but very busy embroidery business right before I found SU! I got burned out with all the orders I had to do on Christmas Eve and decided only to just do it for myself. Anyway, I started that business by word of mouth and made lots and lots of personalized stuff for myself and others. It was fun. I still have the sewing machine but I don't do it much... that would be time *away* from stamping! LOL! Anyway, here's my standard gift for baby showers. I like to give 10-25 very simple white cards with the child's name on it and footprints from the SU! retired set, Cuddles and Tickles to use as thank yous or whatever. Every new mom seems to love having them - don't have to go to the store to buy some thank yous or don't really have time to make their own! I completely get that. So, while they're not very detailed, they are very functional! And do you know how many of these I've received back in the mail? How FUN! The card has the baby's name and footprints and the envelopes have the footprints and "tickled pink" from Amuse stamps (love their fonts on their words!)

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