Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Fire Ants continued...

First, BLOG CANDY still available here until 10 pm Central tonight.

So, I went to the allergist to see if and what they can do for me about these darn fire ants. Well, there's good news and bad (isn't that always the case?). More good, in the long run... that's always pleasant.

The good news is that I can get allergy shots for fire ants. More good news is that long term it will make me less likely to die from a SINGLE ant bite.

The bad news is that:
* one ant bite can do me in
* most likely I'm severely allergic to all stinging insects.... wasps, bees, yellow jackets, hornets, etc.
* the shots are for the rest of my life :(

Again, given that "death is on the line" (remember that line from Princess Bride?", the good news is GOOD NEWS.

So, I'm a little freaked out that all insects are potentially hazardous but as my husband said "when's the last time I was stung by anything?" Um, high school because I'm BUG PHOBIC. Guess that's a good thing, eh?

And those of you that know me... I can't stand thinking about the negative... so, on the bright side - I am EXEMPT from Lawn Duties from here on out. ;)

Thank you all for your kind words and concerns. I'm doing GREAT! Just a bit in shock from today's visit... but it's all good.

Hug those ones you love today because (wait for it...:) ).... there is "No Day But Today".


Nancy said...

Oh Geeta...what can I say about this. Scary stuff. Sounds like the shots are your best bet though. Take care of yourself girl!

Kathy W said...

I would be freaked out, too. Glad that you are finding out about this. I am a fan of The Princess Bride; nice to see others use their quotes. Take care.

Jennifer Moore said...

No more lawn duty. Yippie!

In other notes, at least there's preventative measures.