Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Fab 4

First, thank you ALL for your kind words. I'm doing much better. What a weird, freaky thing.

Anyway.... onto another topic.

I have my first official A Muse class tomorrow. Yippee! Wish me luck!

I ordered something from A Muse the other day and those ladies over there are SPEEDY. Anytime I order, it's in my mailbox 2 days later. No kidding. Well, I was expecting something today from them. During naptime, I walked to the mailbox. Our neighborhood has one of the community mailboxes. It's only 4 houses down so it's not that far away! But it's nice to walk down there without having to worry about kids or dogs getting run over, etc. I got my A Muse package, some junk mail and 2 lovely pieces of mail. Lovely. Let me back track a bit.... you guys are up for a story, right?

The internet. It's such an awesome thing. Through Splitcoast, I've met so many people. Many I don't know in person but that have a special place in my heart. You all know that I met Jenn (my dear, sweet, talented, etc. upline) on Splitcoast. Anyway, with my latest A Muse adventure, I've met three totally awesome, totally cool, very sweet, extremely talented and incredibly genuine ladies. These 3 ladies and I have crowned ourselves "The Fab 4". We, four, have worked to bring A Muse fans around the world together. Anyway, we've had just loads of fun and LOTS of laughs. And I haven't met any of them in person. The Fab 4 are crazystampchick, manyblessings, mocjen, (these are their SCS names) and myself.

So, back to mailbox. Yesterday, I received a card from crazystampchick. She congratulated me on the A Muse certified instructor-ship. Then today... I know my neighbors thought I was crazy (it's the meds!) ... I LAUGHED OUT LOUD ALL THE WAY HOME FROM THE MAILBOX. OUT LOUD... NO ONE WITH ME... SERIOUSLY, OUT LOUD. I couldn't stop. I got 2 more cards, one from manyblessings and the other from mocjen.

Why is it so funny, you ask? Here's why:

Crazystampchick's card:

Manyblessing's card:

Mocjen's card:

There are so many reasons this is funny to me. First, you girls are SILLY. The conspired together. Naughty, naughty. The whole rock star thing is such an inside joke... and I like it! :) If you've read any of the A Muse thread on Splitcoast, you'll probably understand. Lastly, it's just so ironic that I would ever be called a rock star... I am musically challenged. In all ways that one can be. Ask anyone. Ask my husband ;).

Anyway, I had to post this long story to say thanks to 3 incredible woman. Thanks so much girls! I'm so blessed to have met you. Seattle, here we come!


Michelle Clark said...

I am glad you like them. We are naughty and YOU love it!!! Is it time to go to Seattle yet??? Yes you have to hear that until we go!!

Rhonda Maynard said...

Hehe!! You know we love you!!! It had to be done and had to be a surprise!! So glad you got them and that they put a smile on your face and even a gave you a little chuckle!! :D You'll always be a rock star to us!! :D

Jennie Moczan said...

What a sweet post Geeta!!
We love you too!!
And yes, YOU ROCK!! :)