Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Another Elzybells card

You may remember this card from sneak peek week when the Elzybells Friendship collection were about to be announced. Well, I changed it ever so slightly and we actually did it at the Elzybells class last Saturday at Memory Depot. When I first did the card I used a regular old Xacto knife. It was tedious but the end result was worth it. Still not something I would do in a class environment. Well, then the owner of Memory Depot was showing me this new Fiskars tool one day and A HA! I thought I could teach this card.

The tool is called Fiskars Finger Tip Craft Knife. I think it retails for under $5. But the cool thing is that it slips around your index finger and you end up holding it like a pencil. MUCH more control than the old style xacto. Have you tried it?

I now use mine to make masks and such... whenever I want to cut away part of an image, I stamp the image on a post-it note, cut out the part I want to, then stamp however I'm going to, and then store that post-it with my stamps or on my bulletin board for easy access!


Amanda said...

That is so cute Geeta! i'm not sure I would have the patience to cute all that out!

Well Said Cards said...

wow! that looks amazing.

jenstamps said...

Wow this is such a cool cut out!!! I *LOVE* it!!!

Michelle M White said...

So cute! Love the cut out!!!