Friday, February 22, 2008

FRUSTRATED and behind....

Okay, I'm so dog-gone (insert your own non-preschool, colorful terms here) FRUSTRATED. If you know me in RL, you know that I just can't stop until I fix the problem. Well, being a SAHM (mom), EMAIL is my link to the world beyond diapers and Pok-e-mon! And this week has been a really quiet email week for me... WHY? BECAUSE APPARENTLY NO ONE HAS RECEIVED ANY OF MY EMAILS SINCE MONDAY????? WHAT????

So, I've been working on this all day... and some of last night. I called RoadRunner (my ISP) and then pointed the finger at Mozilla's Thunderbird (my email reader of choice). Told me to use Outlook Express.... so I tried that. Changed ONE, YES ONE option and now Outlook Express won't EVEN LOAD for me. I *despise* Microsoft products.... especially today.

More research... and guess WHAT I THINK IT IS? I found documentation to support this - but I'm still testing.... MY SIGNATURE LINE is being blocked by my ISP as spam.... NOT Mozilla you goons....

Anyway.... GUESS WHAT TODAY IS????

I copied Heather (who copied me! LOL! THANKS HEATHER!) for this info:

OVER ON THE A Muse Addicts Site.... Tonight we have our FIRST VMAA - virtual meeting of the A Muse Addicts...

9-11pm Eastern
8-10pm Central
7-9pm Mountain
6-8pm Pacific

Wait ... what the heck is a VMAA you ask? Every little detail you could ask for can be found on the A Muse Addicts forum:

"VMAA will be a time to test out your stampin' skilz but more importantly just have FUN with your fellow A Muse buddies. We are going to have some challenges and you'll have a time limit to do it in. And of course there will be prizes!"

Thanks for listening... OH and if you're waiting for an email from me or I didn't respond to something all week.... please resend!

Good grief.

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