Monday, February 4, 2008

Been busy...

How about you? Isn't Christmas over? Aren't things supposed to slow down? Yeah, ok, so I "make" up stuff to keep me busy.... like, um, launching a new website. We have close to 300 members and our doors have only been open for 5 days! WOW! Thanks to all of you for coming and checking us out.

I apologize for not updating my blog. Did you miss me? I still have this idea that only 6 of my friends read this and 3 of them are my co-moderators on the Addicts website. So, I know they haven't missed me ;).

I have lots to post so I'll try to catch up here soon.

Thanks for visiting!


Jennifer Moore said...

Am I one of th 6? Because if I'm not, there's more than 6. Since you've opened my eyes to google reader, I can now read your blog even sooner.



well i know i read your blog everyday and I don't comment ALL THE TIME but i do read it and look forward to your post. thanks